Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blog 8-19-10: Scott Pilgrim vs The Expendables!

So this past weekend I took the opportunity to see both these movies and while I'm not going to do a video about it, I figured I midaswell at least share my opinion on them.

I'll start with The Expendables since I saw it first. I honestly felt somewhat dissapointed by this movie. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it was a bad movie. I just feel I went in expecting too much out of it and even with what they did, I honestly felt they could have done it a little better. The movie is basicly a tribute to the crazy action movies we had in the 80s. Now that's fine. But the plotline also tried to make itself feel deep so we're kind of in a spot where the plot isn't as good as it could have been and at the same time unnecessary plot elements feel like they were interfering in what the movie should have been. Just straight up crazy action.

My first real complaint were the villains. I'll be the first to tell you just about any good action movie needs a good villain and these guys just weren't cutting it. They midaswell have been replaced by a few more anonymous soldiers to be gunned down because they weren't interesting, because they didn't have time to be. Steve Austin had some good fight scenes but chances are you didn't care about his character.

Certain actors felt like a complete waste. Mickey Rourke does absolutely no fighting in this and it almost feels like false advertisement that they flashed his name across the trailer with all the other stars like they did. I can't complain about Bruce Willis or Arnold because they didn't really put their names out there like they were the stars. But Terry Crews and Randy Couture did next to nothing aside from be there for the big fight scenes. Granted whenever Crews did something, he did have the most badass gun out of the whole group (An AA12) but what little of him we got just made it that more frustrating that he didn't get to do more. This movie was about Stallone, Jet Li, and Jason Stathom first and everyone else third.

However the action was enjoyable and the line Stallone said as Arnold was leaving was unforgettable. So once again, I don't hate the movie. I just wish it had been better.

On to Scott Pilgrim. This movie was amazing! They managed to take characters and a storyline that if you really sat there and looked at them on paper. You might think, well that would make a terrible movie and somehow make it incredibly enjoyable.

If you're trying to figure out what I mean, I'll start with Scott Pilgrim himself played by Michael Cera. Which first off this movie made me realize maybe I don't really hate Michael Cera, maybe I just didn't like the movies he's previously been in, but that's another story. Scott Pilgrim is honestly an asshole in the beginning. You find out that Scott has broke a bunch of girls hearts only to have his broken by a girl and the fact that it got turned around on him for a change makes him such a joker who is afraid of being hurt that he ends up going out with the highschool girl. That in itself may make you think poorly of the character but you end up finding out he has like everything in common with this girl so you kinda start to go "Ok this could work for him" and then he dumps her for no reason so he can go after another girl... What? Now I think you might understand why I say on paper that could look like an uninteresting unlikeable character, but somehow they managed to pull it off.

Aside from that all the crazy fights and video game references make this incredibly enjoyable. And I know this isn't as in depth as what I said about the Expendables but I'm gonna stop here because I really can't think of what else to say about the movie without possibly spoiling it for people.

Final Scores
Expendables: 7/10 - Good movie but nothing really all that special. But hey you get to see Dolph Lundgren vs Jet Li!

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: 9/10 - Very enjoyable movie, especially if you're a nerd.

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