Monday, December 20, 2010

Megamind Review Double Feature!

So in the past two months I have both seen the Megamind movie and dominated the video game for the X-Box 360. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well my friends read on to find out...

The movie itself I saw last month when it came out. It actually kind of took me by surprise. They managed to keep the main plot of the movie away from the trailers. Because oddly enough and this is little spoiler since how early it happens. Megamind actually WINS within the first maybe 10 minutes of the movie. Nobody saw that coming with how much they hyped Metroman in the commercials.

So instead we get a little more of an interesting story and asks a question that is rarely asked. Would the villain truly be happy if they beat their nemesis? Naturally this idea wouldn't matter much with villains who have simple desires like money and what not. But for some of the grand schemers, who fail time and time again. Would they even know what to do when they finally succeeded? This movie takes a look at that concept and does so in a very enjoyable fashion. I definitely recommend it to animation lovers whether you're a fan of villains or not.

Also I really suggest against considering this movie a Will Ferrel movie. I know he voices the main character but he's not really in it, only his voice is and just about any actor will tell you that voice acting is a vastly different thing from regular acting.

Now... as for the game. The game is mind numbingly easy. Story wise it's kind of disappointing because there is potential for a good story there but they didn't really do anything with it other then use it as an excuse for what's happening. I won't say much because the game takes place after the movie and really explaining it would kind of ruin the movie. But the story basically is the type of thing you'd expect from a sequel movie and they fail to even reach that bar.

But is it a horrible game? Not really but not even worth the $40 it costs. The game will take you roughly 5 hours to complete and that includes getting ALL the achievements. And unlike most games that are that short, there is no online multi player features to make up for it. Yes you can unlock some mini games but if you wanted to play mini games you would have went out and bought a party game instead.

Still it's not bad for a rental and definitely more fun then Star Wars: Clone Wars Republic Heroes was which I had the displeasure of getting 100% in.

Final Scores
Megamind the Movie: 8/10
Megamind the Game: 5/10

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