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Top 20 Animated Babes

Originally I had intended to do this as a video. But for various reasons including overall quality reasons, I'm not. But since I already had the list figured out, I still wanted to share it, so here it is in text form. Keep in mind this list only includes girls from animation. Not games, not comics. I'll probably do shorter lists for those at some other point.

#20 Minerva Mink

Now I may get some hate for this one. But honestly I don't care. If I'm not going to be honest with my opinions then they're not worth expressing.

It is however hard to actually explain my reasons for this one. I'm sure part of it is that I saw Animaniacs at just the right age where the fact that she was obviously intended to be hot and had a lot of jokes revolving around it shoved in your face, kinda just made it impossible for me to ignore. After all, when I saw Animaniacs I was a horny teenager.

Some people may still think that's messed up but you know what? They obviously intended for her to be this way, in the comic books they even had countless humans drooling over her. So, I don't think it should be any surprise if Minerva Mink is responsible for a large number of the furries out there.

#19 Harley Quinn
Another one that I'm probably gonna get some hate for. Not because she's on the list but because she's so low on the list. But I did still include her if for no other reason to avoid being lynched by her fans.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like Harley. I do, I like Harley quite a lot. What isn't there to like about her? With her cheerful but psychotic personality, she doesn't come off as downright evil as a lot of the other Batman villains do. Yes, she's done a lot of bad things, but there's just something about her personality that makes her harder to hate for it. Then there is her loyalty to the Joker, granted many of us can't understand why she would be so loyal to him in particular. But I'm sure that kind of loyalty is something a lot of guys would want in a girlfriend... just most of us would reward it better then the Joker does.

But why doesn't she score higher on the list? Well... the thing is as much as I love her, she just doesn't look too special without her face paint. Without it I actually find her appearance kind of downright boring. When she has it on I think she's hot as heck but without it... eh just kind of a generic looking blond. I like blonds but something about her design just isn't that appealing once the paint comes off.

#18 Android 18
No, this placement on the list was not done for irony. Though it is rather ironic considering I didn't even notice I had done this till I started typing this thing out.

Why Android 18? Well it doesn't hurt that she's a blond, but for the most part. It's her power, I love strong women in fiction and she is one of the only woman in Dragon Ball Z who can hold her own. Sure there is the added bonus of the fact that as an android she will never age and always be young. But really, there's just something to be said about a woman who could snap someone in half effortlessly.

#17 Pizzazz
Now, I don't actually remember much about Jem. I mainly only watched it because where I live there weren't any other cartoons on at the same time and for whatever reason my parents let me watch even though I couldn't watch She-Ra out of fear of it making me gay...

But the thing I do remember about Jem is the Misfits and there songs are better. Their leader is Pizzazz who has Universal Appeal. And... I should stop making cheesy references to the lyrics. Pizzazz is likable because she is just more upfront about things then Jem and it probably does help that I really do think the Misfits sounded better as far as made up cartoon bands go. Don't get me wrong, Jem isn't ugly or anything but Pizzazz just has the right attitude as the show's "villain" to draw my attention. Oh yeah and considering how often she turns into a giant in the middle of a music video, I wouldn't be surprised if she was responsible for some of the giantess fetishes out there.

#16 Pirotess
For those of you who don't know who this is, she's Pirotess. A dark elf from the anime Record of Lodoss Wars. She actually has something similar to Harley Quinn going on where she's insanely loyal to a villain character. The villain being Ashram, a human knight who is always clad in dark armor. This is actually kind of interesting because in the scene where she's introduced it seems implied that the dark elves think very lowly of humans, so for her to respect him that much is interesting in itself.

I can't think of much else to say about her that wouldn't spoil the story for anyone who hasn't already seen it. But suffice to say, she's a beauty and I have always liked dark elves.

#15 Clover
This is another one that's hard to explain my reasoning. Mainly because... I don't really watch Totally Spies. Which should be no surprise since honestly it's more girl oriented then most girls cartoons from the 80s or 90s could have ever hoped to be.

But what it comes down to is of the few episodes I've seen, I liked Clover a fair amount. Haven't seen much about her personality, but she definitely looks good. I can't really think of any other way to explain this so let's move on...

#14 The Jewel Princess
 Probably both the most obscure and creepy choice on this list. She was actually in only a single episode of "The New Cutey Honey" OVA before she was killed off. But... she's a lesbian and that's not the problem with her. The problem is she is psychotic, rather then try to win a girl over, she basically captures every girl in sight that she considers beautiful and then turns them into crystal statues. Not just any crystal statues, naked crystal statues that we're kind of led to believe she molests.

Now you might be asking then, why do I like her. However if you're asking that you probably also didn't look at the picture above. She might be a creepy terrible person but she's also beautiful and the only thing she wears are jewels. She almost looks like Urd from Oh My Goddess if her clothes were replaced with crystals, except I don't think Urd looks this good.

#13 Eden
Most of you are probably thinking... who? Well she's a female genie from the Aladdin TV series. I know a lot of people liked Jasmin, I personally thought her nose looked a little too big. So I honestly felt the Genie ended up getting a better girlfriend then Aladdin did.

Honestly who wouldn't want a girlfriend who could do literally anything? Oh and she's green, that's always a plus in my book. I don't know why but for some reason, humanly impossible skin colors on fictional characters are sexy to me.

 #12 Jessie
Prepare for trouble! Make it... sorry. I just always loved Team Rocket. They were my heroes! So it should be no surprise that Jessie is on my list. Honestly, I'm actually kinda surprised Brock never tried to hit on her in spite of her being a villain since he went after everything else in sight.

Aside from my feelings on Team Rocket, I think a main reason Jessie caught my attention was because she was the only recurring woman on Pokemon who wasn't a kid(Misty) or a generic cop or nurse. She also definitely has a wonderful sense of style to the way she looks.

#11 Wuya
I hated Xiaolin Showdown at first, but I'm glad I gave it more of a chance. Otherwise I wouldn't have found out about this beauty.

Now aside from her looks that I admit some people might find weird there are a few things I really like about her. If you don't know she's a villain, but not only that she's a villain who does the whole bring the hero over to the evil side thing. However unlike you're typical villain she didn't turn on the hero immediately afterwards. In fact she gave him everything he wanted. I honestly think she even tried to seduce him during a particular scene but due to his age it flew over his head. So yeah... a villain that rewards those who help her. That's actually a big rarity and Raimundo actually had to decide on his own that what he was doing was wrong to turn on her, rather then because she betrayed him.

#10 Raven
Raven from Teen Titans. And I just wanna say, I hate people who keep calling her emo. Not only does she have very legitimate reasons for being the way she is emotionally, her character has existed far longer then the show and she was Goth before Goth or Emo were even considered styles.

A fellow member of Reviewers Unknown, known as the Cartoon Hero recently did a much less sexist girls list recently and Raven was on his list. She's actually the only character on both our lists, however unlike him, she didn't grow on me over time. I knew before I even watched the show, when I saw Raven, that she would be my favorite character. At first I did have kind of an odd thing for liking her more when her hood was flipped up, but I've come to appreciate her beauty more since then. And as a guy who likes legs more then breasts, I can't help but love her outfit.

#9 Jessica Rabbit
Probably the most expected and obvious choice on my list is Jessica Rabbit. Though oddly enough even though I never went through that whole girls have cooties phase like most kids and found myself ogling a lot of cartoon girls as a kid, she didn't really grab my attention as a kid. It wasn't until more recently that I really paid much attention to her. Maybe even as a kid who thought girls were pretty, she was just a tad too sexual so it just flew over my head. Regardless there isn't really anything I can say about this one that someone else hasn't already said or thought so let's move on...

#8 Live Wire
Not many things make me glad I watched Superman TAS then Live Wire. I never really see anyone else talk about her much but apparently she was popular enough to be transitioned to the comics, though I feel she's been underutilized in both the cartoon and the comics.

She has the adorable voice of Lori Petty (Did the Nostalgia Critic know about this when he said Lori sounded like Harley Quinn's retarded sister?) and she just all around has such a lovable playful attitude to her villainous behavior you can't help but wanna root for her. She's just too cutesy to want to hate. I also find myself remembering the episode where during an escape she kissed a guard, electrifying him in the process, probably knocking him unconscious for hours. But I gotta say... it would be worth it.

#7 Zangya
Another obscure choice, especially if you aren't a fan of Dragon Ball Z. She appeared in Movie 9 as one of Bojack's minions. Just like Android 18 part of why I like her is because girls who can fight in Dragon Ball Z are so rare, but she does also seem to have a fairly large fanbase for such a minor character. So much so that she was in a fighting game on the Super Famicom. Now you might think that's weird but she was in the game when Bojack, the main villain from the movie she appeared in, was not in the game. She got top billing over the guy she henchs for. In fact she was the only movie villain in the game aside from Broly. She has also been in at least 2 of the Dragon Ball Z games that were released stateside.

Nice to see this green goddess get better treatment then she did in the movie she originated from. Seriously Bojack is a douche for killing her. What else can I say aside from quoting Krillin from their encounter? "Woah... alien chicks are hot!"

#6 Mihoshi
While the merits of her character are up for debate, Mihoshi does something kinda interesting I don't see too often. She manages to be both cute and hot at the same time. Now she does have some mind numbingly stupid moments, but she also has some moments where her stupidity just comes off in such a cute fashion. This happens a little more often in the Magical Girl Pretty Sammy stuff more then the regular Tenchi series.

And she manages to be cute like that at times while also having a body that would probably make a super model jealous.

#5 Poison Ivy
Now I'm talking about from the earlier episodes of Batman TAS, because after the later redesign she just looked rather bland and generic. The earlier episodes though well... I could honestly say she kinda bears a resemblance to Jessica Rabbit but her proportions aren't as over the top. Her character is also rather interesting since while we can sort of understand vegetarians even if we don't agree with them, it's almost enigmatic trying to wrap your head around the idea of someone who values plants over people to the point of being willing to kill people in the name of their cause.

While in addition to blonds I do kind of have a thing for red heads, I think the thing that always grabbed my attention for some reason were her lips. Particularly from the episode where the introduced her and they focused on them a lot because of her using poison lipstick on Harvey. There is just something that's kind of sexy while also scary about someone who can kill a person with a kiss.

#4 Demona
Similar to Minerva Mink, I think some people might be weirded out by this one. But in all honesty I don't get that, because even though she's a Gargoyle, her most important features from a looks perspective still look very human. She may have pointy ears but she has a rather normal looking face. She has breasts and sometimes the animators even draw a belly button on her even though Gargoyles are born from eggs. I'm just gonna come out and say it, anyone who calls someone a furry for liking Demona is an idiot. Gargoyles aren't animals and aside from the London clan which she isn't part of, none of them are designed to look like animals.

With that said, she's the pick on my list that has the highest possibility of killing you rather then well... anything else. She despises humanity to the point where she wants to destroy it. So unless you could somehow convince her that you're better then the rest of the humans and willing to help her exterminate all the others, not a chance. Even then she probably wouldn't believe you. But you know what they say about the most desirable things being the ones you can never have.

#3 Lina Inverse
This might leave some people dumbfounded due to how she's the target of a running gag about having a flat chest in Slayers but... a couple things. Aside from the fact that breast size honestly means nothing to me for the most part, her breasts are really only small by anime standards. And actually in the TV show there were a couple times when the "camera angle" made them looks huge. But honestly the most important thing as far as looks are concerned and this goes for all the pics on my list, is the face. I've never understood guys who like a girl with massive tits who looks like crap otherwise.

Putting all that aside though there is also the fact that Lina is a strong interesting character, probably one of the best female anime protagonists that I can think of. Oh and if I didn't put her on the list there was a high probability she would leap out of my TV and hit me with the Dragon Slave.

#2 Princess Zelda
Yes, from the Zelda cartoon that played on the Super Mario Bros Super Show. This one was probably my biggest crush growing up and even now I still like her more then any other incarnation of Princess Zelda. I was fantasizing about this one before I even understood what sex was...

It's also probably very likely that she's responsible for me having a thing for blonds and elves in general. All that aside it's also nice to see a princess who is capable of taking care of her self rather then always relying on a hero to rescue her... shame that never caught on in the games much.

#1 Ranma Chan
I started with a controversial choice, why not end with one too right? For those who don't know, Ranma is actually a boy who has a curse that turns him into a beautiful red haired girl whenever he is hit with cold water. One could say this is another case of wanting what you can't have, cause even if Ranma were real, Ranma has the mind of a heterosexual man, so "she" would never even consider being with a guy.

At the same time... Ranma does at times seem to enjoy being a girl a little too much. Often using her looks to get people to give her stuff and will openly flaunt her body. Sometimes even teasing people like Ryoga who know she's really a guy.

It also doesn't hurt that she is also one of the best looking girls in the series either...

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  1. Hm. Not sure what to say about half this list. Mostly because I don't know who a lot of these characters are.

    20. That's a bit of a surprise. I thought the introductory furry for people our age was Cheetara.

    19. You're going to have to arm-wrestle Linkara.

    18. Admit it. She's only in this slot because the number's in her name.

    17. Don't remember her that much.

    16. I wouldn't put too much in her attachment to Ashram. Most sinister villain-types (even in western cinema) always have a character like Pirotess who's absurdly loyal for no particular reason. It's supposed to make the villains either:

    - seem more sinister as they just toss them away

    - show they're not completely heartless as there's one person out there they care for.

    15. I think that was her role on the show. Being cute.

    14. Don't know her.

    13. Don't know her either.

    12. Seriously? The only thing Team Rocket had going for them was choreography. How many times do you think you could hear her recite that phrase before you snapped?

    11. Don't know her.

    10. Cuter than her original comic book incarnation that actually was getting more emaciated as time went on (culminating in an awesome Teen Titans story).

    09. Way too over the top.

    08. And in her former life, she was a shock jock. Shocking, I know.

    07. *shrug*

    06. Mihoshi? Really? When Ryoko would whisk whomever to a life as Space Bonny and Clyde?

    05. Isn't she toxic to even touch now?

    04. She turns fully human in the daytime now, remember?

    03. Considering she spent so much time hanging out with Naga the Serpent, no wonder she has a complex about her chest.

    02. Don't remember too much about the show.

    01. Yet another Jusenkyo tragedy. When is the Chinese government going to close down those springs?