Thursday, April 7, 2011

Save it for the Podcast! Episode 1

The first attempt by the Reviewers Unknown crew at a general podcast. In this episode we discuss tabletop RPGs, Super Hero movies, and attempt to talk about sequels and reboots in video games before going off on a tangent.

Note: There is a small part of the conversation that was chopped out cause we had recording issues. It was less then a minute but that's why the conversation kinda jumps from Star Wars to Square Enix.

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  1. -_- Oh dear god, everyone only comes out of one earphone - everyone except test zero comes out of the right one.

    New York; the only place on the planet according to Television.

    I remember when I used to run paper/pencil RPG games. That was crazy.

    Waiting for them to get to point - rolling for initiative.

    I ran DC Heroes a lot when I was younger. Well, not really "run" as I didn't know the rules very well, but everyone want to play my games. I brought the funny. That makes up for a lot; apparently.

    Shadowrun makes him cry.

    I knew that Shadowrun backstory. It is mighty cool.

    Arthur Knowledge - Pop Culture Virgin.

    Weren't we always in the drug business? We were just dealing to ourselves.

    City of Doors?

    Ozzie starts talking - much time later - Ozzie finally gets to start talking again.

    Pamphlet? It wasn't a Chick Tract, was it?

    Arthur's not sure he's going to be in it? Why not?

    LFG? No. Don't tell me what that means.

    California! Yeah!

    Vampire snobbery?

    The Changeling crew sounds like they had the right idea.

    They're talking about Chris Evans, I think.

    I liked him as Deadpool.

    I still want a JLI movie. That would be so much fun.

    That Joker bit about the shooting in the face or a thousand dollars is almost word-for-word the way he was described in one of the cartoon special features.

    I have yet to see either Watchmen or Kickass.

    There was a fourth Robocop movie?

    There were also Robocop cartoons and comics.

    Blade was pretty good.

    It's funny how Ozzie has to keep everyone on topic.

    The first Fantastic Four movie was okay.

    I wanted a giant purple man in giant purple pants and they ended up with vampire cloud. Bleah.

    Spawn was great.

    Bad Comic Movie? X-Men 3!!!

    Meg Ryan was Spoony's gag.

    Israeli electronic stores?

    I could not watch Don't Mess With the Zohan.

    The last one I played was ten.

    I liked 8.

    I played the Persona games. Very interesting games.

    A real person with giant breasts.

    Gamers have vivid imaginations.

    That's not true about the Witcher. There was a third path where you sided with neither of them.

    I was pretty hooked on Dragon Age: Origins; but I'm dreading 2 because those elf redesigns look hideous.

    Didn't Richard Garriot's MMO do that too?

    Saint's Row.

    Common street thug???

    If you want to take over the world, don't you specifically don't have regard for the lives of others?

    Spoony did an expose on it?

    @_@ I can't believe I sat through the whole thing with all that sound in one ear. Gah.