Thursday, May 5, 2011

Save it for the Podcast! Episode 3

This time we are joined by Film Renegado as we discuss bad movie adaptations of various source materials.

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  1. Nice one, Arthur.

    No Uwe Boll for you!

    The kids accidentally kill God.

    Familiar Animals, if you want.

    They scrubbed all the Catholic references.

    Of course, Aslan is still Jesus. That works for movies but Atheist fantasy? Please.

    The Dark is Rising? Never heard of it.

    They're always going to leave out Bombadill. He breaks the narrative too much.

    Stephanie Meyer's still writing?

    Bircher Small?

    Interview with a Vampire was okay.

    I hate to break it to you, but it made it into the podcast.

    You can tell it was going to suck when they emphasized Jim Carey as an "interesting character" in every goddamn trailer.

    They keep the name to put your butts in the seats. And it worked, didn't it?

    God damn, Uncharted the movie. They overlooked Nathan Fillion despite the fans really wanting him.

    Mortal Kombat! Not Silent Hill! Ah well.

    Prince of Persia was an okay movie. I liked it.

    Zorro the character was supposed to be a Spainard, wasn't he?

    Ugh. One Resident Evil was enough for me.

    Uwe Boll's Metal Gear? @_@

    Are we absolutely sure he's doing them bad on purpose?

    They reboot the characters in the movies for the same reason they do in the comics. They give the character over to someone who doesn't know what they're doing and fucking it up to the point that they have to hit the reset button. And they keep doing it! I'm looking at you, DC!

    The Green Arrow is pretty good. I like him. Did you read his Green Arrow/Green Lantern crossover comics?

    A-Team wasn't bad on its own.

    No! No Smurf Movie!

    I haven't seen Underdog.

    That could work. I'd like to see a Team Fortress movie if it was done right.

    Uwe Boll is a super villain? Hm.

    I haven't seen the Dragon Ball movie.

    The Spirits Within was okay.

    The same movie? 7 was a game or was that a zinger?

    Yes. The second Mortal Kombat movie blew.

    I know what the sound effect should be. A deadite going "I'll swallow your soul!"

    I was complaining about the Johnny Cage kill, too.

    I liked the Super Mario Bros movie!

    What could you possibly do with the source material? You had to know walking into the theater it wasn't going to be the game.

    You could make Gyromite into a movie!!! Make the scientist at the mercy of a serial killer working the platforms.

    Hellboy was good.

    Marmaduke was voiced? Oh lord.

    By turning Guybush into a full-on action hero a la Pirates of the Caribbean.

    A Brutal Legend movie? GOD YES.

    Bioware's okay.

    Yes, but keep in mind, Bioshock was kind of both okay with and criticizing Ayn Rand.

    What about TV -> Movies like Blues Brothers and Wayne's World? The Brady Bunch movie stuck so tenaciously to the source material it became parody.

    That would be pretty interesting. A Ranma 1/2 movie? Hm. American audiences may be turned off by the stereotypes. Particularly Shampoo.

    Brother's Grimm movie? I haven't seen that.

    Jon Stewart: Release the Kagan!

    You went to the Clash of Titans movie? Why??? You knew it was going to suck before it came out.

    How do you make a sequel to Clash of the Titans?

    Conan was a novel; not just comics.

    King Kong Bundy was turned down?

    I want a Star Wars Battlefront 3, dammit.

    You do realize that George Lucas doesn't have to give a damn about the fan material, right? I hate to say this, but fans have to realize the Expanded Universe is little more than sanctioned fanfiction.

    I've seen some Battlestar Galactica stuff. And how is that related to movies?

    I haven't seen any Firefly.

    I don't know if you can call that an adaptation. o.O