Friday, May 13, 2011

Save it for the Podcast! Episode 4

Test Zero joins us for a second time and this time we discuss... Zombies! Enjoy the Zombiecast!

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  1. Did he just butcher Altered Beast?

    Stop. Just stop.

    We can win a brand new micro machine?

    I prefer the shambling undead myself.

    Talking Left 4 Dead 2?

    It's not a zombie. It's a Japanese porno.

    Yeah, but Re-Animator was Lovecraft. It's a different principle entirely.

    By "Mutation" do you mean "Infected"?

    Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3 - Infected.

    Uh, they DID explain the origin of the zombies in Left 4 Dead. It's a virus.

    The Left 4 Dead zombies aren't based around eating people. It's mindless rage.

    I haven't seen Shawn of the Dead.

    That was creepy. o.O

    That was it?

    I'm sure Ozzie's going to start one.

    I understand the concept! That tends to be why I finish Resident Evil games with a ton of ammo.

    No no, Arthur. Let US shoot you in the leg when we're avoiding a horde.

    Yes. I want that and I want you to shoot for me.

    What I want are the ammo types that don't deafen me when I fire.

    You can live off pot?

    New York is going to be a charnel pit.

    If they're not smart enough to open a door, they're not smart enough to swim.

    You probably should have started this conversation by classifying what type of zombie you'd be dealing with.


    Ozzie! Be more assertive!

    The mythologies are trying to avoid having all those zombies die off in a week. It's a cheap excuse.

    This is getting stupid. *fighting the urge to skip forward* Subject change, please.


    Isn't that assuming the National Guard would even let you have the damn thing? They may be holed up in their own armory.

    Okay, point of order: You guys are talking about going from place to place. With zombie hordes, when you're holed up in one place, you're pretty much stuck there. You need to make a series of trips and that's it. No going back to the hardware store later unless you're planning to clear the horde out.

    I was going to make the full-covering point. Well done.

    Would you go to Jersey just to cap the Jersey Shore crew?

    Could you move very fast in dog training armor? If they knock you down, aren't you screwed?

    My co-workers would be of no use during a zombie apocalypse.

    Nah. Arthur's turn to the Dark Side makes more sense than yours.

    Oh for crying out loud, there's too many variables. You should have locked all this down before you started your survival scenarios.

    Patricia Tallman at the time was hot as hell.

    I want Arthur; so I could shoot him in the leg as I'm running away from the horde.

    So we go from realistic survival scenarios to Brock Samson. God, I'm disappointed in you lot. Why not just go "Aliens save me"?

    This is going to a weird place. o.O

    Rebecca Chambers, Ozzie?

    Ozzie: You know how you said "Not if you were the last man on Earth? I'm calling your bluff."

    -_- Kryptonite now. Goddamn it.

    First thing? Shoot Arthur in the leg.

    Arthur sandwich? Shame. Shame on you, Ozzie.

    "He had it coming. 50 GS"