Thursday, May 19, 2011

Save it for the Podcast! Episode 5

This time around we talk about video games. Jonny Reload couldn't make it this week, instead taking his place is first time guest Spazzmaster.

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  1. "Spazzmaster"? Another member of the "League of Apathetic Villainy"?

    Spazzmaster: Rejoice my brothers! Today, we almost held up a 7-11!

    Ozzie: And tomorrow, I'm going cast a spell that doubles all the money you have to pay to use the laundromat!

    Spazzmaster: *raises a toast* To Evil!


    Jonny's reloading? That was lame.


    ..........what the hell is he talking about?

    Fallout 1 crashed like crazy! Those games were bugfests!

    I started on the Atari 2600, you child.

    Didn't like Mario 64?!

    Bioshock was good.

    Why is that, in every review, everyone kind of pauses in surprise when Ozzie says anything?

    Detroit's Ex-Wife was also a super villain. "Tremble before the might of the Ball Buster!"

    Melee was okay.

    Never played Twilight Princess.

    Pictures of what? Oh, I think I got it.

    Valkyrie Profile rocked.

    Persona series was also good.

    Things should combine to form Voltron.

    He doesn't want to play in the MUD.

    Aren't you still playing DC Universe?

    I thought they called it Everbreast. Though I do remember Evercrack.

    Did you read the Champions comic books?

    Because the developers don't agree with you.

    You can keep your Hardcore Mode, thank you very much.

    Knights of the Old Republic was really good.

    The Battlefront series is awesome. I want 3. Now, Lucasarts. Now! want a Zorro game?

    For narrative, Assassins Creed.

    Ugh. Bionic Commando.

    I saw that Angry Joe and Spoony video, too.

    Are you forgetting they did that in MGS2? With the pull-ups increasing your grip meter?

    I liked the Mario games. Forget the plot.

    Halo's popular because it revolutionized multiplayer on consoles.

    The demo of the Simpsons game really turned me off.

    They never put a number on Mortal Kombat after 4.

    Oh bullshit. Shaolin Monks was awesome.

    Demise of turn-based games? The Xbox Live Indie Games category is full of them. Cthulhu Saves the World, after all.

    Detroit's a little rude, isn't he?

    The entire Assassins Creed series is meant to be overlapping with each title. Of course they're going to do that.

    Eternal Darkness was great!

    Metal Gear Solid did NOT do that well! The Psycho Mantis thing was okay, but that was about it.

    You can unlock an Infinite Mode in Dead Rising.

    Multiplayer Achievements are the devil.

    I liked Enter the Matrix, too.