Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Resident Evil (Remake)

This time around Ozzie teams up with Jonny Reload to talk about the terrible T-Virus Outbreak.

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  1. Oh thank god. I'm starting to get really burned out on podcasts.

    What the hell are you doing to Jill?

    You're a Yellow Lantern? Yeah, I guess that's about right.

    One question I had about the series that never got answered: What the hell was a small town doing with a paramilitary squad in their police department?

    Another question: Why was Barry staring at that blood like that? Is he a vampire?

    Hands off Rebecca. She's a goodie two shoes and will turn on you at the slightest provocation.

    Soon after their arrival in the mansion, Jill slipped into something more comfortable.

    Guess I spoke too soon. You just made that joke.

    At least it wasn't Lisa Foiles.

    And where was Rebecca? Whisked away some dark magic?

    Beat you to the joke again.

    This isn't a bad gag. The Johnny Reload teaches game tips section. Nice.

    That Reviewers Unknown logo makes you all look like Power Ranger Villain minions.