Thursday, June 2, 2011

Save it for the Podcast! Episode 6

This time around we beat a dead horse. The horse's name? Star Wars!

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  1. That was sad. Very, very sad.

    I don't hate Lucas.

    That sounded like a rotary phone.

    And who gave him all the credit? The same fans complaining now.

    West End Games had an annoying habit of putting rules for force powers in various books and just refer back to them; like we had them all.

    You will go to see them in the theater. You know you will. You're too weak.

    At least Ozzie is talking now.

    Detroit. Shut. Up.

    Willow had sequels. 3 novels that Chris Claremont wrote.

    Did Jake Lloyd want to do anything else?

    Mark Hamill has a pretty bad scar on his face. That might have hindered work in movies and TV.

    Yeah. Emma Watson got a ration of crap over Harry Potter.

    Never get laid ever again? When did he get laid before? o.O

    They were all dead by Episode 4. If you do a prequel, there's going to be more.

    The starship battles were pretty great.

    Hoth battle kicked ass.

    There needs to be a "Shut up, Detroit" button. -_-

    She never saw it coming.

    Well, giant flying fleshlight at least.

    The Rogue Squadron games were pretty good.

    Boba Fett ... meh.

    Love makes you stupid.

    Keep in mind, Force Unleashed redefined the force for every character; not just him.

    I'd be shocked if there was a third. The second one sucked terribly.

    The Whedon is strong in this one.

    Han shoots first. Han always shoots first.


    No. Malcom Reynolds is not equivalent to Han Solo.

    You're dead wrong.

    Coolest vehicle...that's a tough one.

    Does the B-Wing have power steering and anti-lock brakes?

    Tie Fighters are little death traps.

    Was the E-Wing piloted by Ewoks?

    Slave 1 looked freaking weird.

    Knights of the Old Republic had kind of a major flaw in the "one choice can switch your alignment" part of the game.

    Battlefront 2! I knew it before you said it. I loved those games. I WANT BATTLEFRONT 3, LUCASARTS!!!

    X-Wing was not on rails.

    It's your fault for bringing it up, Detroit.


    No, Ozzie. Battlefront 3 was in the hands of a different developer for that footage.

    Yeah, Ultima Online had that limitation.

    Could you go raiding these ghost towns? Scavenge for loot?

    Nobody trusts Arthur.

    A CS degree? Detroit...have I told you I love the sound of your voice?

    Did you see the Simpsons episode where C-3PO and R2D2 tag team the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica?

    C-3PO: me R2. Don't you walk away from me, you little tramp!

    Lucas' Inferno?

    It's not entirely his fault. Palpatine would have manipulated someone else into doing it if Jar Jar wasn't around.

    South Park made Palpatine out of Karl Rove.

    Eye slug?

    He is???


    Christopher Lee is almost 90!

    Yes, I've seen the original.

    Wicker Man is not geeky.

    Christopher Lee was Scaramonga in the Man with the Golden Gun.

    Christopher Lee loves the Lord of the Rings books.

    We already do, Detroit.

    No, Patrick Stewart would not have been a good Gandalf. Gandalf needs to be a little scary.

    It shows he has a sense of humor and doesn't take it seriously?

    The original cartoon was pretty good.

    Just like in KOTOR.

    Sand People; not Jawas.

    He shouldn't have been sobbing; he should have been shaking from adrenaline.

    "You aren't all-powerful."

    "*teeth grinding* Well I should be! I should have saved her!"

    They made Jar Jar the ambassador to get him off the planet.

    We elected Bush twice. How stupid are we?