Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two Nerds and a Game: The Fable Series

This time around Ozzie and Chris talk about the game series founded on broken promises... Fable.

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  1. They need to give out a yearly "Molyneux Award" for most developer lies. I can see a few in the running for that one. I'm looking at you, Visceral Games.

    You sound almost half-asleep, Oz.

    Jonathan Blow's also pretty full of shit. Braid was not worth the money and paved the way to an increase in the Marketplace prices.

    What the hell?

    So the whole game's an escort quest?

    Fable 1 and/or the Expanded Version.

    No armor?

    Who's Lady Gray?

    o.O Nevermind.

    I've never played the Fable series and probably won't.

    I might.

    *Trying to listen to this actually froze up Firefox*

    And I'm back.

    People shouldn't get mad about things not in the game? Bullshit. If something is promised up and down, that's $60 you wasted on a broken promise.

    Let's see. Games with a great deal of potential that don't live up to it? Halo.

    "Legitimate" critics are the ones in the magazines? Are you high?! The people who make their advertising money off games and may be a little biased in that regard?

    Even the ones that aren't play through the game at breakneck speed because they have to get through a whole month's worth of games in a short period of time with review copies. They don't do a whole lot in the game and aren't really giving up an in-depth review as it is.

    Lame, Chris.

    A little obsessive with Angry Joe, are we?

    It's not really a spoiler alert if you give it after spoiling it.

    Yahtzee tried marrying an evil character and it ended up being lame. =P

    The zombie again?

    You make me sad, Ozzie. Dragon Age and Fable ... romance isn't worth it if there's no achievement?

    Chris' wife can teleport? Damn.

    Goddamn Ozzie. o.o And you too, Chris. Monsters.

    Ozzie Arcane didn't make the evil choices? Shock.

    Again with the Angry Joe.

    Or Suikoden.

    Ozzie was sounding like Nixon there for a minute.

    So this Reaver is Mr. Burns? Or that vampire from Twilight New Moon. It sounds like Spoony's rendition when you do it?

    Most douchebag things possible in Dragon Age?! You romanced two people at the same time for the achievement on the first run-though!

    Chris is just fooling himself. He's in love with Joe. Admit it.