Thursday, September 29, 2011

Backlogged Gaming: Top 15 Badass Video Game Babes

Ozzie takes a moment to share a list of his top 15 favorite video game ladies who he finds attractive that could also beat him to a bloody pulp...

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  1. Still a Sinestro Corps member? I'm still not scared of you.

    Not Nostalgia Critic. Noted.

    Tina Armstrong? Badass? Oh please.

    Cassandra? Eh. Yeah, I guess. And yes, she's radiating sex appeal.

    Kasuga? I don't know this one. Her feelings? Is that what you were looking at?

    PEACH?! Are you serious?!

    Jill's a nice pick. And yes, the blond shift was just weird.

    Zhu Rong's a good pick, too.

    I have no objections to Lightning. And she was designed to be a female version of Cloud, anyway.

    Sheeva? Oh right. I remember you bringing her up.

    Katt! Good pick! Though Nina was just as good.

    Poison? o.O Uh........k.

    Opera. Hm. I should go back and dig up Star Ocean 2 at some point.

    The Dark Queen. I should have guessed.

    Hsien Ko is a pick I approve of. ^_^ Ah! I was just about to bring up Mousse.

    Cammy's pretty good, too.

    Yuffie?! Badass?! You're kidding!!! She's good, but not badass.

    I love how irritated Cloud looks. I didn't even know you could date other characters for awhile. I always ended up with Aeris; even when I imported the game from Japan right after it came out.