Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top 5 Sexy Fictional Guys

Some of you may be saying, why is Ozzie doing a list like this? I didn’t know he was gay! Well… I’m not really. Well mostly not. However there are two reasons that I’m doing this list. The first reason being that frankly, as long as as a person looks the right way then I wouldn’t care if they’re a guy or a girl. Course, I haven’t seen any guys in real life that I can say that about.

The second reason I’m doing this list is that I was originally doing it for Arthur’s Rainbow Reviewer Project, which was to show support for troubled gay teens who were being bullied. Many of whom were committing suicide. I’ve kinda long since missed the deadline for that but I figured I’d address said issue before starting my list.

While it’s debatable that people are born straight or gay. I don’t particularly believe that line of thought because I think too much goes into making us how we are to say we were born that way. However, one thing I do know is that it’s wrong to try and change someone into something that they are not. Additionally it’s wrong to hate someone for who they are unless it’s because of their personality (IE they’re an asshole or annoying).

But regardless of whether it be because of your race, religion, sexuality, or just because you’re a nerd. It is complete and utter bullshit when someone targets a person because of who they are. Anyone who doesn’t like you for being you isn’t worth your time. Regardless of what certain people may wanna preach, I’m pretty positive that if there is a hell and anyone is going there, it will be them for being a horrible human being. Not because the people who happen to be gay or whatever else some idiot wants to preach.

Anyhow, enough seriousness. On with the list!

#5 Bridget (Guilty Gear)
I have to admit, this pick is a little bit of a joke. Aside from the fact that it’s a massive internet gag that everyone is gay for Bridget, I really was having trouble getting this list to 5 instead of 4 without using Zarbon from Dragon Ball Z and I really didn’t wanna put him on my list.

However Bridget is extremely girly looking to the point where I can imagine it leaving men confused thinking something along the lines of “Does liking him make me gay or does it make me gay to not like something that girly looking?”. I do find his backstory rather silly. The idea that twins of the same gender is considered bad luck so his parents raised him as a girl, as though whatever entity that grants luck is as gullible as a human to a person’s gender.

#4 Nuriko (Fushigi Yugi)
Nuriko is another character that is a cross dresser… at first. He’s in love with the king when he’s introduced and was disguised as a woman to try to win his love. Later on in the series he stops dressing as a woman however and still looks pretty darn… well… pretty. It’s a rare occasion that I can claim to have liked seeing a guy with his shirt off and Nuriko was one of those instances.

#3 Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)

I have an interesting experience concerning Kurama. When I originally saw the character it was in some “bonus” footage that was on the end of a DBZ VHS, for what ever reason the fansubber had included footage from Yu Yu Hakusho that was in raw japanese. Kurama was in it and had a female Voice Actor. So, given his appearance and the girly sounding voice coming out of his mouth, I assumed he was a girl. Naturally I was wrong.

The lack of breasts should have thrown me off but I’ll talk about that more with my next pick. Kurama however didn’t really grow on me till I actually started watching the series in English and actually got to understand the character. Not only was he gorgeous to look at, but he was extremely loyal to his friends and had some of the more interesting ways of fighting out of any anime characters I can think of.

#2 Zoisite (Sailor Moon)
Ah Zoisite, you are the source of such utter confusion for many a teenage male who watched Sailor Moon. Now like with Kurama the lack of breasts should be a give away, however… For those who don’t know when Sailor Moon was originally localized in the US they decided to make Zoisite , who is male, into a female. The reason being that Zoisite has a romance with another male villain and TV censors were still deathly afraid of homosexuality in the 90s. So to avoid the subject they decided to make the less masculine of the two villains into a woman for the US release of the show.

Not only was I oblivious to this when the show aired, but one of my friends actually liked Zoisite more then any of the girls on the show (Not that he’d admit it now). Oddly, I think in a way I find Zoisite more attractive knowing the truth now. I mean I have to give huge props to a guy who not only had looks that fooled the audience, but there was an episode where Zoisite disguised as Sailor Moon actually fooled Tuxedo Mask. Yeah not only did he confuse someone in regards to his gender but he successfully pretended to be a specific girl.

#1 Ranmaru Mori (Samurai Warriors)
People may argue that I’m cheating with this one since Ranmaru is actually a person who existed historically. However I have no idea what the real Ranmaru looked like and I don’t care. I’m talking about the Samurai Warriors incarnation and for a historical game that has so many historical inaccuracies I could care less about that.

However Ranmaru in addition to his looks also probably actually has my favorite moveset in the game and actually was one of the most overpowered characters in Warriors Orochi. So to be blunt… He’s fun to play as, extremely loyal, and it’s heavily rumored that was involved with Nobunaga Oda. As someone who once portrayed himself as a villain I just gotta say, if he’s good enough for the Demon King then he’s good enough for me.

Well everyone that’s my list. I hope you enjoyed this little diversion. Agree with my choices? Disagree? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments.

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  1. Hm. I suppose it's a coincidence that all of the men on this list can/have been confused for women?