Friday, January 27, 2012

4-UP: Castlevania

Witness the race of epic proportions of Ozzie, Test Zero, Johnny Chase, and Isaac232 through the lands of Castlevania.

1 comment:

  1. You got robbed. Bat-jump? Medusa skip??

    Everything's better with bacon.

    o.o I'm starting to regret that large bet I placed on the evil magician.

    You and I should play HoD some to train you for a rematch.

    You just rocked that Medusa fight!

    Son of a Taco Bell?

    You almost had the mummies that time.

    You beat the mummies! Congrats!

    DNF? Did not Finish vs Duke Nukem Forever. Neither is good.

    The ceiling killed you. o.O

    Game: I've seen you play. You don't need a whip enhancement. You need money. Go to college, kid.

    I love that you could just bypass that Skeleton Dragon with jumping.

    Munching on "Found Pork".

    Ozzie on Stage 15! Go for it!

    I just repeated the DNF thing and suddenly Test Zero says it too. o.o Freaky.

    You might have gotten further if you were abusing save states the way the other guy was.

    You keep dying when you hit the lower-left corner. It's a kill zone.

    Dracula, that great big flasher of the night.

    You're younger than me! Too old for this shit...

    There goes my rent money. Pfft.