Friday, February 10, 2012

4-UP: Mike Tyson's Punch Out

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  1. Another day in the life. I had that game back in the day.

    So Glass Joe has a glass eye?

    I love how weak Joe is. You hit him so hard he changes direction in mid-air.

    So when did Joe quit boxing and start getting into game reviews? I hear he's a lot angrier these days.

    I know fighting games are usually "Ethnic Stereotype: The Game" but Punch Out's really obvious about it.

    Piston Honda: A Japanese character who actually looks Japanese. Anime is ashamed of you.

    Ozzie is rocking this one. =) Go Oz!

    I was waiting for you to use that mid-game health boost. I was getting worried.

    Test Zero is down. Go, man, go!

    Damn Great Tiger.

    Why would the select thing even be a question? If that guy can do a medusa jump, Doc's special sauce is okay.

    Name one sport where a guy who lost to you like Piston Honda would be a ranking contender in a later fight.

    o.O Popinski's never been trouble for me. Weird.

    Your trouble seems to be that you dodge too early.

    Eggplant Wizard's been working out.

    Little Mac sometimes get health back when he connects with a punch. I guess Bull does it, too.

    Mr. Sandman...the beginning of the end.

    Yeah, you keep over-guessing and dodging early.

    It is now an hour until the end. This is going to be tragic.

    I'm going to have this music burned into my brain at this rate.

    And now there are three on Sandman.

    And now you're all on Sandman.

    Oh the humanity!

    And the decision goes to...Ozzie Arcane!