Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4-UP: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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  1. Ozzatello looks like Tuxedo Mask.

    I never beat this game.

    Dodge that steamroller, Ozzie!

    Off to save April. It must be Wednesday.

    Warehouse factory?

    Rocksteady Down. Sounds like a movie title.

    Damn that Dam.

    Ozzie saves April. Date night!

    Achievement Unlocked - Achievements unlocked.

    Ben Franklin's ghost is messing with you.

    Suicidal turtles.

    Why would water stop turtles?


    Why no achievement for JC for eating all that pizza? Achievement Unlocked - Glutton.

    Behold Mechaturtle.

    I see the Foot Clan has a military base.

    Spaceballs reference is a go!


    Serves you right for attacking the spacemen when you could have just run.

    Test Zero unleashes his fury at the game.

    The mighty Shredder beaten by a boomerang.

    Man, Oz, these NES games aren't very kind to you.

    Untruthful winning?

    Why Isaac? I thought last place picked.

    You forgot to get the rope, Ozzie.

    And Ozzie Arcane goes dark.

    @_@ Enough with the hole comments.

    The Battletoads games were too unforgiving.

    Dark miracles.

    That's an interesting take on it. Reminds me of the criticism of video games that took place in Wayne's World 2.

    Galaxy Quest. Nice.