Thursday, March 8, 2012

Backlogged Gaming: My Collection

I will have a new review out soon, but for the time being here's a little something I did on the side.

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  1. I remember Arcana.

    Battletoads/Double Dragon! I had that! It's freaking tough.

    I had Faceball on the GB, actually.

    Battletoads games suck. -_-

    Eye of the Beholder....meh.

    Ultima is best on PC.


    I had Bad Dudes.

    Also had Rampage.

    #$^% Milon's Secret Castle.

    Wizards and Warriors! Another old own.

    Kung Fu as well.

    I beat Karnov.

    I f'ing hate Faxanadu.

    Geez, you're even more disorganized than I am. o.o And I'm a slob.

    Dragon Warrior. I think my copy was glitched. I had an endless staircase in the last castle.

    Crystalis - Post Apocalyptic Zelda.

    Maniac Mansion kicked ass.

    Ew. Gamestop Used Games...

    Unopened games is a theme with me, too. They were selling that import in my local Frys.

    Your game box is .... a box. o.O

    SNEAK KING! The most self-aware creepy game ever. I have all three of those Burger King games. Sneak King has some pretty damn impossible achievements, too.

    I used to have Albert Odyssey. I loved Sega Saturn RPGs. =( I wish I still had my old games.

    Shining Force 3. Only 1 part released in the US. Bastards.

    I miss my old PSX games, too. =/

    Anything Working Designs put out was gold. I had so many of those games you're putting in front of the screen. I loved WD.

    Chrono Trigger doesn't belong on a disc.

    In Japan, they released it as 4-6; which made more sense.

    Oh yeah. Five. That was great. Evil tree. -_-

    SaGa Frontier! I still have the strategy guide for that game. If you need to borrow it, let me know.

    Lunar games. I love that series. =)

    I actually have empty boxes for games, too. Mostly Special Edition boxes that had the regular just tossed in. You should see the Robotech box I have.

    Ah, I wonder where you got that copy of BF3. =P

    I need to get that Mega Man collection again......well, the emulation doesn't work great on the 360, but still.

    This video is surprisingly engaging so far. I wasn't expecting that. =)

    DW Gundam 3. I got sick of that fast. I want Setsuna to die in a fire. -_-

    I need to play New Vegas.

    I hate buying pre-owned games, too. For the same reason.

    Ooooh. Shiny cover.

    I worry about Dragon Age 2. Origins was great, though.

    I need to get Culdecept Saga!

    Eragon. Seriously?

    Knights of the Old Republic is really good.

    You should see my strategy guide collection. Seriously.