Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gamers Without Borders - Episode 9

We discuss Street Fighter X Tekken, Mass Effect 3, and by extension, Bullshit DLC practices by head-up-their-ass corporate morons.

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  1. I'm not going to listen to any more podcasts...oh who am I kidding? *fires it up*

    Mass Effect 3 is paused in the background. It calls to him.

    DLC - Don't Like Consumers

    Launch? Lunch!

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of Red Bull.

    Street Date X Tekken.

    $5 for a sandwich or $5 for Jill? The joke writes itself

    I have yet to take a good look at the Vita. Then again, I don't have a PS3.

    No disc, no buy. I refuse to allow my purchases to be held hostage to a game company's own fate.

    Paradigm Shift! Ozzie is now an Infiltrator.

    What is with everyone's voices getting weird? Bad connection or helium intake?

    Two people pass on the street. The Vitas light up. They must battle. Only in a Sony commercial would that happen.

    Speaking of Gamefaqs, go and accept my friend request. It's been hanging there for months. =P

    Odd analogy, Oz.

    Sony and Microsoft get a slice of the money, don't they? For every DLC purchase? If so, why would they stop this?

    I have to wonder if they'd actually go under if this stuff stopped. I somehow doubt it.

    Mass Effect 3's cheated me out of two pre-order bonuses. Goddammit.

    Metacritic? Is that the Nostalgia Critic going Super Saiyan? =P

    Yeah, the fan backlash has been fairly interesting.

    From Ashes - Day 1 DLC. It came with the Collector's Edition.

    That's bullshit. The content is partially on the disc. It had to be submitted with that there. The DLC just finishes/unlocks it.

    To play Devil's Advocate, expansion packs usually came out waaaaaaay later, didn't they?

    Test Zero is a developer? Coolness. Reviewers Unknown needs a flash game.

    Game-breaking bugs...dear god. Like SNK vs Capcom Cardfighters on the DS.

    Travel to Skyrim. Chop wood. Huzzah.

    The boobage shall light the way.

    Chase the Chuck Wagon?

    The Atari 2600 is slowly compiling your high scores and developing an artificial intelligence. It will rule the world...or try to kill Matthew Broderick. Whichever.

    The disc version of Episodes from Liberty City had more content, too.

    Chrono Trigger has never played as well as it did on the cartridge. Load times on that game are an abomination.

    In the future, even food is a rental. Netflix makes a mean burger.