Monday, April 16, 2012

Backlogged Gaming: Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Operation Raccoon City is the most recent entry in the Resident Evil franchise. However not only does the game play differ but it doesn’t really fit into their regular line up of titles either. It’s the first spin off the series has had in what may be a long series of spin offs as Capcom has recently been quoted in saying that they want Resideint Evil to be their equivalent of Mario (Think Mario Kart and Mario Party). But the biggest question of course being is the game any good? Read on to find out.

I will start out by saying that yes I did enjoy the game but before I get to why I’d like to address a few things that have bothered me with other critics take on the game. I’ve seen so many people bitch about the fact that it’s not survival horror and that it’s too easy to find ammo along with various other complaints related to previous incarnations of Resident Evil. Here’s thing, they never marketed it as a regular Resident Evil game. It has been marketed as a squad based shooter since it was announced, it’s not really fair to judge a game on not being something that you knew damn well it wasn’t going to be way before you ever sat down and played it.

Now there are some bugs in this game, that’s a very valid complaint but I really haven’t ran into too many game breaking ones. I’ve only had to exit and reload a checkpoint once from a bug and that was when an elevator froze on me and wouldn’t descend. Aside from that the only other bug I’ve seen was in multiplayer that seems to occur when a player exits the game while holding the objective item, it at that point wouldn’t let anyone else pick it back up.

Then again I haven’t played the multiplayer much because I personally don’t really care for competitive multplayer anymore these days.

This game knows how to do collection achievements. Keep the number small, in this case 7.

Now the campaign is kind of interesting, for those who don’t know you play as one of 6 mercenaries who work for Umbrella and have to clean up their mess that occurs during the big Raccoon City zombie outbreak. This mostly entails eliminating evidence but ultimately leads up to a battle with Leon where you get to decide whether you wanna stay evil or stick it to Umbrella (They treat you pretty poorly throughout the game).

The campaign is fairly short but any who are prepared to complain about that seem to forget that the Resident Evil games they so badly wanted this to be like… were all pretty short too. Many of them actually required you to complete the game in under 6 hours if you wanted certain unlockables. Those being single player games also didn’t have the benefit of mutliplayer modes to extend the replay value.

Now I’m not going to say the game is perfect, the controls are far from perfect and feel rather stiff compared to most other shooters I’ve played. It honestly feels like they tried to combine Resident Evil 5 with Left 4 Dead and something went wrong. The AI is pretty terrible, I can understand why it wouldn’t be particularly good because being a team game like this is, if the AI was too good it would be like the game is playing itself for you. But it really would have been nice if the AI could at least do some basic things aside from waste first aid sprays.

Sadly the most compelling reason for me to play multiplayer is my love of Jill's RE3 outfit.

All in all I liked it as a nice little trip back into the earlier parts of the series timeline. It was definately nice to run around Raccoon City without tank controls for once. But I can’t recommend this for everyone because diehard shooter fans will probably find the gameplay lacking and some Resident Evil fans will dislike the change in pace this game takes. However I stand by my verdict that it’s a fun little game if you can look past it’s flaws and if Skyrim can get a 10/10 from so many people when game was so riddled with bugs at launch and the PS3 version wouldn’t even work then I feel it’s perfectly fair for me to give this game…

Final Score: 7/10

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