Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ozzie Plays: Faceball 2000

Damn you smiley faces! I will not have a nice day! DIE!

Recorded live on Livestream.

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  1. I had Faceball for the Gameboy.

    Inter-face. Clever.

    Oh the humanity!

    Jurassic Park? Oh, you must have a chat going.

    Ozzie's putting his balls in their face........ -_-

    Weird. That almost sounded like super robot wars music for a second.


    Vancouver? That does not look Vancouver.

    Regenerating health?

    Oh look, it's "Amsterdam".

    Jesus? There's no God here. Not in Faceball 2000.

    There's a gremlin. It's even colored like one. And they explode, too. Just like the car.

    Ozzie's smiling again.

    Have a nice day...bwahahahaha!

    Ozzie's robbing the City Bank. Back to supervillainy already?

    Who thought this game up and where is he getting his drugs?

    What to say about it? "Have a nice day"?

    Wal-Mart face? I guess jokes like that really are the high cost of low prices. =P

    I see a lot of gremlins. Any chevy novas?

    A tarp?

    He's a turkey 'cause he ain't no chicken.

    Yes, but then you'd have players going "Look at all the assholes."

    Oh sure. "Gobi".

    So you're traveling the world, bringing the Oz face to the masses.

    Now that would be a great ending to this game. Winning and it pans to your own character . . . only to find you're a trollface.

    They take more hits and drop power-ups.

    Hey Wally.

    Yes, that's too much pun-ishment.

    Ozzie's robbing another bank.

    Asteroid zone actually looks like one.

    No shot powerups so far.

    ................are you reading this as I type this?

    Wally's out for Ozzie's blood.

    Damn, you got slammed at the end there.