Monday, April 23, 2012

Ozzie Plays: Bad Dudes

Ozzie proves he's not a bad enough dude to save the president. Sorry for my audio being much lower then the game.

Note: This is a respost. But I'm reposting it cause the audio sync issue is fixed in it now.

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  1. The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. Am I a Bad enough Dude to watch Ozzie play this a second time?

    The NES version was great. I was able to beat it. =)

    Why are ninjas dropping caltrops on a fence?

    And sodas...and nunchucks...

    Karnov has turned evil. Kick his ass.

    And Ozzie is down.

    Karnov's game was okay. That was a tough one.

    It's late 70's/early 80's martial arts movie: the game.

    I love how Data East has apparently achieved global domination - their name is on everything.

    You don't know. They could be driven by ninja family members. Dadja and Momja dropping son off to work.

    You have a weakness for short people? Oh wait, short people are your weakness. Kryptolite.

    Nut punch for the win?

    You're very bad.

    Sewer Level! Lose five points on Metacritic!

    Individual ninja fights? I wouldn't call what they're doing fighting.

    Gotta love the reeds in the water. They're swimming in the sewer. That can't smell well.

    Are you eating while you're playing?

    Stabbing dogs, Ozzie?


    It's a professional wrestler! Run!

    Great Khali? He's Hawk or...the other guy. From the Legion of Doom.

    Is this guy supposed to be a ninja?

    Now you're on a train in the southwest.........because they're badlands. Oh god. I'm getting the concept of this game. -_-

    Nunchucks near death again.

    I just realized...what kind of ninjas go down in one hit?

    Look out! More short people!

    Is that a ninja?

    And now a cave.

    The scenery? No. The enemies? Yes.

    Coke refills your health. Ah, the 80's.

    So the ninjas are setting themselves on fire on purpose?

    Billy Kane this time.

    No quarters for Ozzie.

    The warehouse...just the thing for a ninja headquarters.

    I love the conga line of ninjas just sliding into range of those chucks.

    New worst enemies are blocks. Tetris will devour you.

    Ha! Double death to respawn to an elevator. Nice.

    Is your enemy short people again?

    It's amazing how many of these enemies are practically KOF characters.

    Kabuki Helicopter Attack.

    He laughed as he shoved that fireball up your ass.

    President Reagan wants to have a burger with you. But you're paying.