Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ozzie Plays: Movie Monster (C64)

Ozzie plays the absolute worst Godzilla game ever made. Movie Monster for the Commodore 64. Recorded live on livestream.

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  1. Movie Monster. Fascinating.

    Hm. Not a bad intro tune.

    Is that the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

    What in the world....?

    Let's wreck Tokyo!

    Lunch? Search?? Berserk???

    The theater is a nice touch.

    This is actually kind of amus...........and there's the game itself. (sigh)

    Damn. Godzilla puts the Rampage monsters to shame.

    Godzilla shouldn't be cute?

    Mystery bullets?

    The proximity bar appears to be a waste of time. Thanks a lot Google Earth.

    That looks like a landmark...and you just said it.

    Ha ha. It sounds like you're fapping the keyboard...that is you making that noise, right?

    Ain't nothing gonna break his stride.

    That's a pretty big map for a C64 game.

    Run little man. Run.

    It looks like the bar fills faster when you head to the right.

    Even slower???

    The tank is outracing Godzilla.

    Jet! Bullshit!

    He falls over. Ha!

    And the movie is over. It sounds like you got candy and a soda for it, too.

    Man, playing old games can be rough.