Saturday, May 26, 2012

4-Up: Nintendo World Championships

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  1. No commentary? Noooooo!

    You could just do "one, two, three - START!" instead of synching up.

    Transformer Zero? Neato.

    This is going to be brutal, isn't it?

    Thor won? Freaking awesome.

    Oh, I finally figured out how this game works. Fascinating.

    Damn all those Bugs.

    Ozzie's fallen pretty far behind.

    Crash into victory.

    And the next game is Tetris - awesome.

    Johnny's a speed demon in this game.

    It may be more points further up, but it's safer down at the bottom.

    Why is there a timer on the right? Hm.

    It's tough to come up with my own commentary with the existing commentary. (shrug)

    A God of Tetris joke. Very nicely done.

    Hexic HD is pretty damn hard.

    Ozzie's screen is horrifying to watch. It's like a Tetris train-wreck. @_@

    Johnny wins the game! Wait...this video has a ton of time left. o.O

    Next run?

    Super Mario Bros 2 (original) commercial? Very funny. =)

    Round 2! Go Ozzie!

    I wonder if you could finish the entire Super Mario Bros. game if you avoided coins.

    Ah, the footage isn't synched up with the footage. Right.

    Thrill driver!

    Oh wait, do you actually have to shift gears in Rad Racer? Bleah. Stick shift sucks.

    So, Tetris is the last game...period? Highest score?

    Johnny wins again.

    A final round? This video isn't even half over.

    Round three.

    Super Mario world?

    Ozzie, do you not know that pipe is there or are you avoiding it intentionally? o.O

    Johnny Chase is blasting through these games again.

    Test Zero hits Tetris first this time. That's a change of pace. And Isaac beat Johnny, too.

    Round three is over Isaac wins this one.

    Oh quit complaining about the fire flowers. Super Mario Bros. points had the lowest multiplier and didn't count that much.

    Gotta love those 80's commercials.

    That Paperboy commercial rocked!

    o.O Smash Bros. Brawl? Ah ha.

    Ozzie's out and Chris is in.

    I wish the controllers were better with Brawl. Gamecube controllers are hard to come by these days.

    Hm. Even tougher to come up with anything now.

    Oh, everything is "tournament banned". >P

    Test Zero is difficult to understand now with that distorted voice.

    No commentary on the final round?

    Did Chris just suicide?

    I love it when Jigglypuff gets big. The deep voice going "PUFF!!!" is hilarious.