Saturday, May 26, 2012

Two Nerds: X-Box 360 Ban?

Ozzie and Chris are joined by Test Zero as they discuss the legal actions going on between Motorola and Microsoft.

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  1. God help me, it's podcast time.

    You'd think a guy with "nerd" in his name would get top billing in a podcast about nerds.

    Capcom's insane crap?

    What were their sales expectations? Global domination?

    Damn competition.

    The answer to too many fighting games is another fighting game?

    dI am not a big street fighter fan.

    That's actually a good deal for $150.

    I have none of that.

    Big deal. I'm banned in Boston.

    It's "patent"ly absurd. And no, I'm not proud of that.

    We demand munchies!

    They'll take my slim from my cold, dead hands.

    And patents should expire if not acted upon in a certain amount of time.

    Christian Rock converts easy to regular Rock. Just replace all instances of "Jesus" with "Baby".

    A retro 360? Good lord.

    Blizzard takes another lost soul.

    Sleep deprivation. We've all done that. =P

    Motorola's last resort - litigation.

    Motorola is a Google subsidiary?

    "Don't be evil...when anyone's looking."

    Ads? Hm.

    So, Google just de-list's Microsoft's website. Mwahahaha.