Thursday, June 14, 2012

Question and Answer Session

Warning: There is a point where the audio messed up for a few seconds. I know about it but since this was done unscripted I didn't want to recorder that part over again.

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  1. I can't wait for this.

    Organized religion trades a panacea for the fear of death for all your money and power.

    Non-Party Affiliated here.

    "I am not entirely on anyone's side because no one is entirely on mine." ~ Treebeard

    Yeah. Yes/No is my answer, too. It's too nuanced a situation for an absolute answer.

    Ick. Palin.

    I started Minecraft. It's fun! Yahtzee is right, though. Great in a group. You have to make your own fun.

    "I AM A MAN!"

    I remember that review. A good first try.

    I suppose I should feel grateful that meeting me didn't make the weirdest moment top spot. =P

    The two gens feel almost completely different with the online features nowadays.

    Holy crap! That's hilarious! The evil spirit possessing Ozzie finally revealed itself!

    You should be a Pastafarian.

    Favorite? ....geez. Ranma 1/2 was all kinds of awesome. And one of my first animes.

    Slayers was also great!

    I wasn't that fond of Akira either.

    I had a bunch of import DBZ games. The weird ones, too, like Legends and Ultimate Battle 22.

    If you had retired, maybe we could have finished the Operation Raccoon City second plotline. =P

    And now Reviewers Unknown is the farm league of review sites.

    Hey, I'd love to make videos if I get the chance. Still need a decent computer/camera.

    I started RPGs with Dragon Warrior/Final Fantasy as well.

    Yeah. Sailor Moon was one of the few anime series on TV at the time when it was out. I watched more of it than I'd care to admit.

    Yeah, I know that phase well.

    Worst villains? Hm. I'd need to think of that, too.

    Sephiroth's motivation was insanity.

    He killed her because she was the one he believed could stop his plans.

    Sauron was pretty much done by the time of the Third Age. He had to move through intermediaries. The whole impetus for the movie was how scared everyone was that he'd be able to do things directly again.

    The Avengers was a great movie.

    You watched Meet the Spartans?! Oh my god.

    The Squidbillies aren't as bad as 12oz Mouse.

    Tim and Eric can go to hell.

    It's hard to nail down the worst game. I have plenty of games that pissed me off without being objectively bad. Dead Space 2 comes to mind.

    LOTR the Third Age is a D&D campaign made by Tolkien fans.

    I liked FF8. It's not great, but it's not terrible.

    Damn that webcam.