Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two Nerds: Mass Effect 1-3

Chris and Ozzie are joined by fellow member of Reviewers Unknown Detroit, as they discuss Mass Effect. Fair warning, spoilers abound in this one!


  1. Another podcast. I'm getting soft in my old age.

    Best Mako impersonator you know? >P He isn't that good.

    That's okay. Spoilers are life.

    That CGI of the little girl is uncanny valley.

    The side quests in 1 freaking sucked. And they were a huge part of the game! ARGH!

    I still have yet to play 2.

    Haven't seen Carnosaur.

    The elevator dialogue was pretty good. I wish they had more of it, too.

    I remember Penny Arcade hypothesizing the Protheans died out from how long their elevator time took.

    Yes, the first game was very KOTOR. I miss when Bioware was doing RPGs instead of action games.

    Ash was okay. I let her die, though.

    Male Shepard here.

    Detroit has a point.

    Nice to see you're a little more assertive in the podcast, Oz.

    Then again, the side quests fleshed out a universe that doesn't revolve around you, which was nice.

    The overheating felt more futuristic. The ammo is a joke.

    I play a Soldier, too. 2 is going to suck by the sound of it.

    I got the achievements for Kaiden and Liara in the first game on the first run.

    The overarching story of 1 was great.

    The first game had all the resolution it needed for what it was. I realize it was a sequel set-up, but still...

    Saren didn't have enough scenes for you to get attached to him.

    Sephiroth isn't supposed to make much sense. He's gone completely insane.

    Goddamn it, Detroit. Phoenix Downs don't bring people back to life! They undo KO status. In other words, wake people up who are unconscious. That's it. They're magic smelling salts. Why do I have to keep explaining this to people?!

    The death of Shepard is a cheap way to change your appearance and class. And reset your level. They don't bother with that in 3. Most games have to take away abilities and such in sequels that use the same characters.

    "Really, Shepard? .....*sigh*.....scanning Uranus."

    The Collectors obviously don't care if you're in Near Mint condition.

    Shepard: (puts hand on Liara) Remember.

    Liara: Is now the time for this, Shepard?

    Beat you to the rebuilt idea, Oz. =)

    You want a larger array of people who could do certain things.


    Too much information, Detroit.

    He reminds you of M?

    I played the multiplayer demo and the full game when it launched. Did I try to get you to play it back then?

    The mods are...okay, I guess.

    I liked how the helmet is conditional in 1.

    I have a big issue with the ending.

    I haven't heard a thing Detroit has said yet and I'm sure I agree with him completely. >P

    Banshees are the worst. First time I ran into them in the multiplayer, they bee-lined straight for me. Instant death.

    Also! They replaced the lead writer from the first two games. The change in feel was obvious.

    The third game has all the hallmarks of laziness. Photoshopped images, plot holes, the works.

    Shepard: Taste the rainbow, bitch.

    Breathe, Detroit. Breathe.

    Joker loves juice?

    Krogan headbanging!

    Detroit is starting to grow on me.

    Wait, what's this? Who is that handsome engineer with the big gun on the screen? MFlorian? What a hero! He should star in the next game.

    Maybe EA expects Detroit is going to switch to Liara instead of sticking with Ash.

    A lot of people who haven't seen the ending think it can't be as bad as the fans are saying.

    EA dickslapped Detroit with the ending?

    Tali romancers dealt with a lot of crap in that game. No conclusion and a photoshop job for the face.

    I never got a chance to play Jade Empire.

    Sloppy writing. Definitely.

    What a twist!

    I played the Matrix MMO for awhile. It wasn't bad.

    Yeah. It's hard to argue the "artistic integrity" of Copy/Paste.

    Cheech doesn't run Bioware. He runs EA.


  2. Well, for Femshep. There was also Miranda.

    "Various endings"? That's generous of you.

    "No, Mr. Shepard. I expect you to die!"

    Bad God Child! No cookie for you!

    The third game takes the choice away from you. That's what really sucks about it.

    Amazon was taking Mass Effect 3 back. That was a smooth move on their part.

    There's always Garrus romance dialogue. Awkward, yet hilarious.

    And now we have The MFlorian Show. The last survivor of a doomed mission.

    Hi, I'm Ozzie Arcane and this is my favorite podcast on the Citadel.