Thursday, July 26, 2012

Backlogged Gaming: Swords and Serpents

Ozzie reviews an NES game that totally isn't mimicking the Dungeons and Dragons naming style.

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  1. Interesting box cover.

    Do most adventurers grease themselves up before heading into dungeons?

    Ozzie in the Dark? This could be a new feature.

    Huh. That's not bad music.

    Maybe in those lands, putting their elders into monster-infested dungeons is their version of putting them on ice floes. I'd love to see a D&D version of Logan's Run.

    You're the party healer?

    Didn't you just defeat the serpent?

    Zoom Tube? Are we ripping off DC now?

    That's brutal.

    A password for every character?!

    I normally don't think highly of save states, but this game necessitates it - ugh.