Friday, August 17, 2012

Two Nerds: Naruto

Ozzie and Chris take close to an hour to just sit around and talk about Naruto. BELIEVE IT!

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  1. A Chris-less podcast. It was sad.

    Why are we talking about Naruto?

    Sound a little defensive there, Chris.

    So, you'd be up for a little "Garfield without Garfield" with Naruto, eh?

    Hating Naruto...hating Sasuke...does nobody hate Sakura?

    Oh lord. Sasuke is Anakin Skywalker. It's so true. - a single-player 4chan.

    You even watched the filler? Shame on you, Oz.

    Got Sasuke pegged for a horrible death, eh?

    Zombie thing?

    Everybody's Krillin? o.O

    There's a name. Bleach.

    To be fair, you could make that comment about most anime. They introduce a ton of characters that have a moment or two, but end up falling back into being supporting characters. Pathetically so, too.

    Naruto's more like Squirrel Girl in that regard. He wins by having people underestimate him and sheer luck.

    Slayers was also funnier. Naga god.

    Why not just have Ichigo use his sword to make a literal plot hole in the air?

    I understand your point, but at the same time, "walk it off" is a bit dickish when talking about children who watch their entire family get slaughtered.

    Oh, the reason Itachi did it was such nonsense.

    I had it in my head that Itachi killed them to keep Orochimaru from getting Sharingan eyes. Orochimaru had tried to get Itachi's, but failed because Itachi was too powerful. Itachi kills his family (he's still evil in this version), but can't bring himself to kill his little brother.

    Of course, when Orochimaru goes down so fast in Shippuden, that kind of threw my idea out the window. And Itachi being a semi-good guy and only doing it on orders from the Leaf Village was pretty weaksauce.

    It's Pat!

    The forfeit is what got Shikamaru his rank promotion when nobody else did. By proving he was willing to use his brain and knowing his own limits, he impressed the other ninja.

    Shikamaru's mom is trying to set them up.

    Ick. Hellsing. Another one of the overpowered series where there's no real sense of tension because you hate the main character.