Monday, August 13, 2012

Two Nerds Play Borderlands Part 1

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  1. Bleah. PC version.

    Claptrap is awesome!

    "Shit off the roof"? There's stuff over there? I just followed Claptrap.

    Ozzie hogs the shotgun.

    Stop trying to hit the robot!

    Why ARE you acting like a douchebag? (Your words, not mine.)

    Ozzie Bro? You could have gone with Ozzsome.

    Bandit drag racing - scourge of the badlands.

    Is that a shotgun or a club?

    And Ozzie is down.

    And Ozzie is down again.

    Ah, Dr. favorite unlicensed surgeon.

    Would you two leave that robot alone?

    It DOES look like a pizza cutter. o.O

    HA!!! Good one, Oz.

    What is he? Elizabeth Bathory?

    "Dumb bitch"?