Monday, August 27, 2012

Two Nerds Play Borderlands Part 2

Part 2 in which many Skags were punched!

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  1. Ah, Borderlands. I ended up borking my save because I tried out a glitch and didn't realize I had triggered a bad quest chain. Now it can never be completed. Bleah. Still, on with Claptrap's Revolution.

    The colors? Did you eat mom's mystery pack? Not even dad will eat mom's mystery pack.

    Bad dog!

    This is why you play this game on the Xbox 360. Confusing buttons.

    Leeroy Turnin's?

    Ozzie 1, Chris 0.

    That's nothing. Ozzie doesn't have any henchmen.

    Why would people trust you two? You're acting completely crazy.

    Watching Chris lag all over the place.

    Chris won't even duel you. The insult!

    You want to hit that skag? What if you get skaggies?

    Spectacular kill, Oz.

    Someone's shocking up the joint.

    Why would anyone worry about dying when the New-U station's like right there.

    At least you're sharing.

    It's already nightfall. You're out past your curfew.

    Part 2, bitches?

    The inside joke is about Claptrap.

    T.K. Baha used to be the Big Kahuna.

    The text is fun! I love the text.

    Killing midgets again, Oz? I have to keep explaining you to people.

    I am so sick of getting T.K. brains.

    I wonder if T.K. has that Babe Ruth autographed ball. There's my inside joke. Ha!

    Catch-A-Disease. I'm rocking allergies right now. Feel miserable.

    Funny you're talking about storyline when you're not reading the text.

    Hello Marcus. My opinion of you is in a weird place after finding out you married Moxxi.

    No scope guns can still be powerful. you need to be close for an SMG anyway.

    Chris the Ditzy Nerd. Focus, man! Focus!

    I for Inventory. The Cow says "Moooo...".

    C for crap?

    Did you really have to go there, Oz?

    Nine-Toes sounds like a ninja name from Naruto.

    Ozzie's the villain. He should do the killing. Even if he is from the League of Apathetic Villainy.

    You know, you could just shoot those vomit piles. It's a lot faster.

    Skag Gully. Which is adjacent to Marlboro Country.

    Skags...skanks...I'm gonna pretend it's a Kardashian in either case.

    The kind of help you two need you aren't getting willingly.

    Sloppy Joe? Oh, Angry Joe's name before his editing was half-way passable.

    Damn, Oz. You're just making their heads explode.

    Spend your point, Oz. You need to get your berserk on.

    The Guardian Angel is just a Hyperion spy. >P

    Ozzie saw a midget. He had to kill it.

    Feel it, eh Oz?

    He's still screaming after you've killed him. Damn.

    Cheater, beater what?

    Someone did that already. That's why he only has 9.

    Ozzie's just beating people to death. Geez, man.

    Get the gun crate, Oz.

    Chris can use his endangered bloodwing.

    Chris needs the money for his 10 kids on 5 planets.

    Ozzie's a leveling machine.

    Ozzie wants to be madder longer.

    Rakks! @#$%ing rakks!

    The sound of them growling should have tipped you off.

    Ozzie Arcane's Punch Out.

    Chris took your scattergun! Get it back!

    Ah, you have The Clapper. Do you have The Clap?

    Yeah, you can drop out there.

    Ozzie Arcane - Bullet Hose.

    And enough fiber to destroy your colon.

    You're scaring me, Oz.

    He DOES sound like the Heavy.


    Equip your new shotgun, Oz.

    Geez, Scooter. -_- Real classy.

    T.K. has a lot of chores for you. He's got NPC syndrome.

    Sure. Quit on me.