Thursday, September 20, 2012

Collection Level Up

In other words my latest pick ups / What I spent my Dragon Ball GT money on.

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  1. Weird audio quality on this one.

    o.O Think you got enough Street Fighter there?

    A 3DS XL Hyper Turbo Championship Deluxe Edition.

    THAT'S a Vita?! Weird.

    Oh, you hooked it into something.

    Another Dynasty Warriors game.

    You can't? The PSP 2000 edition on let you hook up to the TV with special cables. Shouldn't the Vita have a similar ability?

    Gotta catch 'em you can unify Japan. Weird.

    I want to get Revelations some time...if I ever get a 3DS.

    And I thought I was a KOEI guy. Geez.

    AH! The light is reflecting off the plastic into my eyes!

    I'm not big on rhythm games.

    You need excuses to play the Wii. It's why I got rid of mine.

    If you still have Borderlands on the box, I'd play it with you.

    You haven't played the Robolution?!

    You got so many damn games on the PS3 that I have on the Xbox. *sigh*

    I love the AC games. Maxed my gamerscore on every one of them.

    Shattered Dimensions is pretty fun.

    Get that light out of my eyes, please.

    I should give Game of Thrones a try.

    Ah ha! Borderlands 2!

    I like the Road to Wrestlemania mode in those games.