Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recent Game Round Up 2

Ozzie takes a moment to talk about some games he hasn't had time to actually review.

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  1. Standing up is different, I'll give you that.

    And now the volume is too low. ^^;;

    That does sound fun.

    Wet sounds like the kind of game an old friend of mine would design. He was a little off.

    Ah, QTEs. I hate those.

    Eragon. Oh joy. -_- I don't remember who said it, but it's weird the elves don't eat meat, yet wear leather.

    That sounds pretty funny. I wish you had gotten that on camera.

    For a penny???

    Die, crab, die!

    I'm not going to comment on that one.

    I should play X-Men Destiny at some point, just to see how it is.

    Yeah, it was initially implied you could create your own character. What a rip.

    I don't think I could play Bullet Hell games. Too much on the screen would probably overload me.

    I still need to play Dragon Age 2. Again, just to see how it is.

    Go for it. Spoil it. It's been out for awhile.

    Fallout 3 isn't for everyone, that's for sure.

    It's post-apocalypse. Everything is half-broken.

    One of the DLCs has a suit of armor you never need to fix. I love that armor.

    Three Dog's gonna rock your world.