Thursday, October 25, 2012

RIP Capture Card

Dun dun dun, another one bites the dust... DAMN IT!

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  1. Feeling better is always good.

    It's weird with that other chair there. It's like you're hovering near your chair rather than sitting on another one.

    You ARE having a rotten month. o.O

    Give it a burial at sea.

    Over $200?

    Stupid? You have Dazzle? =P

    New card, new computer, no money...drat!

    HDMI splitter. If I get into this, I'm going to need one of those.

    What kind of internal did you think of? Blackmagic?

    There's always PC records with FRAPS.

    Articles, eh Smallville?

    Bioshock wasn't as scary as advertised.

    Top 15 worst? Are you going to skip the normal magazine ones that involve being unobtainable? I'd like to see one of those lists where the achievements are pains in the ass, but technically do-able.