Saturday, October 13, 2012

Two Nerds Podcast: Corporate BS

Ozzie and Chris take the time to talk about some random nonsense that has occurred lately with companies such as Square Enix, Capcom, NCSoft, and Sony.

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  1. Was the graphic really necessary?

    First: The Old Businesses.

    $450? For a lot of games we already own?

    Well, I don't have most of the games because I've resold them for newer stuff.

    Does the version of 2 being released have the extra story stuff that the GBA version does?

    I got Leon's Jacket...for my Xbox Avatar. For not $1000.

    Uh...yes, they will. I've made some interesting amounts of money on eBay selling stuff like that.

    I'm not sure that's "Ooh, shiny!", Chris.

    F' the critics. I loved Operation: Raccoon City.

    You're a "plus-sized" Mega Man fan. =P

    Mega Man Universe?

    That's turning into a trend in Japanese games. o.o The game is playing itself.

    Canabalt Run!

    There's always the idea that a bad Mega Man is an f' you to Inafune.

    They made him fat to make him more American, I guess. Jackasses.

    I don't think "parody" is the term you're looking for, Chris.

    Deadpool is training in the Marvel Facebook game while I listen to this. Multi-tasking!

    Call of Dirty? Been in the matchmaking, Oz?

    That's a really good analysis, Oz. Very insightful.

    Japanese companies are either trying to make Western games or buying Western Developers to make those games for them.

    Stop saying "WoW", Oz.

    I hate it when corporate types say "vision" to justify bad decisions. It makes it sound like they're on peyote.

    Forged a reassignment letter?


    An air-tight a spaceship. BA-DUM-TISH!

    I remember when they put all the CoH comics up for download on their site. I grabbed 'em. Not bad, as far as superhero comics go!

    Isn't Starcraft is the national sport in South Korea? =P

    I'll take that cube.

    Even with all three cubes, you still need to go to work.

    Hentai-rific character creator? o.O

    Boobs and Soul?

    I thought it would be that if someone were to prove them wrong about the profitability of the property, it would make them look like idiots.

    Now on to New Business!

    Wait, they're suing him? Are they out of their minds?

    Oh my god...

    My interest in getting a PS3 has just plummeted. -_-

    There's a company in England that insures body parts. Mostly for models.

    More proof that lawyers are ruining the world.

    A little Sony schadenfreude?

    Sony: We reject your love.

    I @#^%ing hate PETA. Hypocrites at best, eco-terrorist supporters at worst.

    That's the thing about PETA: look at just below the surface and you can see all the ugliness. They euthanize animals most of the animals they take in. Their leader is practically running a cult.

    I watched that Penn & Teller episode. Pretty insane.

    Yup. Very insane.

    That's a good comparison! I should remember that one.

    Easy, Chris... purring. Okay.

    There needs to be a site for that -

    Oh god, they probably will go after Katamari.

    It's the Circle of Strife.