Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Backlog: Bloodforge

Bloodforge is a digital only title that was released earlier this year on X-Box Live Arcade. This game has more or less been completely curb stomped by other reviewers but is it really that bad? My answer is no... and it's a perfect example of why I don't use review scores.

Bloodforge can very much be described as Conan of War. What do I mean? Well it plays like God of War but the setting feels much more similar to Conan then say greek mythology. This has been happening a lot lately (God of War style gameplay in a different setting) and while some thing it's lame and lazy, I kind of like it because personally I think Kratos is an utter douche.

The game stars a man known as Crom who while being an accomplish life has settled into a life of peace, that is until the gods random send a band of marauders to needlessly attack his home and then using an illusion trick him into killing his own wife. Very cliche sounding story though the thing I find oddest about it is picturing this guy having a wife when we NEVER see him without that skull mask thing on. Seriously why is he wearing that in a time of peace. Oh and those of you thinking this is spoilers? It happens within the first 5 minutes.

The story set up isn't exactly new (Infact it's basically a mix of Kratos and Hercules) but some of the things that happen along the way are interesting. The weakest point of the plot is actually probably how little we know about the main character. They basically thrust this character you known nothing about at you and then yell "REVENGE!"

That said this is one of those games that you more play just because it's fun to tear hordes of enemies to ribbons rather then for the storyline. It certainly lives up to it's name with how much blood you'll see flying amongst the combat and brutal fatalities you perform.

You have three main weapons a sword, a hammer, and claws all of which play differently and offer a variety of combos. You also get a crossbow but I never really found it that useful so... meh.

In addition to regular combat though you have two separate special meters. Your rage gauge and Runes. Rage allows you to well... go into a rage dealing immense damage per hit while Runes lets you use... you guessed it. Magic. There are different ways you can use the magic though, you can use it to enhance your regular attacks doing more damage or you can do these weird summoning abilities. I found the summonings too unpredictable and just enhanced my attacks personally.

Overall I had fun with it for the 4 hours it took to complete it and now we come to my issues with review scores. Yes the game is only 4 hours long and it would be kinda repetitive if it was longer. But it's only a $15 game, we can't hold it to the same standards you hold a $60 game to. It is true that some digital games do hold their own against retail games but at the end of the day when I play a game, I ask myself. Did I get my moneys worth? In this case yes I feel that I did. So if you want a short little game with lots of action and gore, I suggest at least giving the demo a chance.

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