Sunday, December 9, 2012

Two Nerds Podcast: Final Fantasy

Ozzie and Chris take some time to discuss the Final Fantasy series.

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  1. Three nerds; counting the lurker on the blog. =P

    That may be difficult.

    Really, REALLY stupid.

    Final Fantasy XIV Remix Hyper Turbo Championship Edition.

    MMO gamers are tough cookies.

    I never played XI.

    Too many damn crystals. It's like a New Age shop.

    I beat you to the joke, Chris.

    So the only people on XIV are the people who have to review it?

    Why kill WoW? Why not be your own thing?

    Stop saying WoW! @_@

    What's the tagline? Ride the Lightning? No, wait...

    What is it with Square Enix and their freaking tech demos?

    What it proves is that Square Enix wants to make movies. They've always wanted to make movies. The games are just this unpleasant thing they do until they can make their next movie.

    That's why? They think their customer base is like "Oooh, shiny!" and so they have to be out with the next console?

    Sony doesn't even do a lot of games. >P

    Microsoft doesn't do dashboard updates very well.

    My favorite is a toss-up between IV and VI.

    I still haven't played III either.

    Kefka was an interesting one. He's a J-RPG version of the Joker.

    It does get very sandbox in the second half.

    And in VI, it's clear the good guys lost. Yeah, Kefka's dead, but the world is still wrecked.

    IV needed some villain plot development, yeah.

    Oh god, those freaking dragons.

    Least favorite? Not sure.

    I didn't hate VIII. I kind of liked it. Yeah, it had some stupid stuff in it, but so does every Final Fantasy.

    Spoony's FFVIII jokes were great. "OH MY GOD! TEH SATAN!"

    The side games weren't bad. The card games were kind of fun. Especially in VIII when you get to the end and you realize all those powerful cards can be traded for some insanely powerful gear.

    Well, VI had the Coliseum.

    VII was the first where they go berserk on it, though.

    Selfie was a little crazy.

    Aerith dying was sad for me. >P

    Yeah, the music really sold that, didn't it?

    He said all that, but his mind really was warped beyond belief. He was a new version of Kefka - omnicidally crazy.

    He killed her because she was trying to activate Holy and that would stop his plan to wreck the planet. It isn't a plot hole.

    Not stupid - crazy. Remember how f'ed up Cloud was when he was soaked in the Lifestream? Sephiroth got impaled and tossed in as well. And Jenova was brain-@#$%ing him. And he was having an identity crisis.

    That's typical internet hyperbole and you know it, Oz. =P

    Could you two stop doing those voices? Please?

    The Sneak King game is completely self-aware of how creepy it is and that makes it weirdly awesome.

    Favorite main character? Tough to say. I've got no answer.

    Shadow? Yeah, he was pretty cool.

    Lightning can talk you into anything, it seems.

    It would be nice if the handhelds didn't suck.

    I hate it when games don't get released outside Japan. Especially games like Kingdom Hearts.

    Final Fantasy II wasn't much to write home about.