Monday, December 10, 2012

Two Nerds Podcast: F'ing News Episode 1

Chris and Ozzie take a look at some random news articles.

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  1. So, you're doing Random News with Chris?

    Eh, Guardians of Middle Earth.

    I see the occasional ad for it in magazines.

    That's nothing. Nothing DICE makes works on the first day. It sucks being a Battlefield fan.

    Shadowrun was fun! I love that game.

    Bye bye Fable 2.

    Yeah. They have a point. With digital distribution, you can never really shake the fact that what you have is a very expensive, very elaborate rental.

    We know, Chris.

    Someone who didn't purchase it in the past and want it now?

    Chris, it might be the principle rather than a specific interest.

    You probably shouldn't fake the accent, either.

    Hire the hitman app?

    Oh god.

    Stupid criminals. Where would the internet be without them?

    Damn those college loans. They lead to so much trouble.

    Ah, Ted Nugent. The wheel is spinning but the hamster's dead.

    o.O Disenfranchise the poor and elderly? What a jackass.

    I never cared about that show even when Charlie Sheen was on it.

    Of course they know God's opinion. They all think they're God. They have the perfect interpretation of how we should live our lives and everyone is doing it wrong but them.

    God's playing the spread?

    That sounds like an inappropriate 'shop contest waiting to happen.

    Good luck getting the driver to stop if you blind him, too.

    >.< Thanks, Oz. I didn't need that image.

    If that doctor was the one that insisted on a natural birth instead of a c-section, then he needs a nice stay in prison.

    In situations like this...probably in most...lawsuits are just a legal avenue for revenge. It's what we do instead of shooting each other in the street. The money is nothing. It's getting even. It's making them hurt as you've been hurt. It's catharsis.

    You'll never go broke betting on human stupidity.

    I read a lot of political news. Lots of rage-inducing stuff there.