Thursday, December 20, 2012

Two Nerds Podcast: F'ing News Episode 2

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  1. Bad Mario. Baaaad.

    Kinda? Maybe. Sorta.

    Is that the reason?

    There was logic involved?

    Okay, nice zing.

    If it were Joel McHale, I'd buy it.

    What's with the sound breaking up? Or are you chewing something?

    Bioshock was freaking awesome.

    Wow, the sound is really going in and out here.

    You mean Bioshock: Levine? Seriously, compare Ken Levine's face to the face of Booker after they changed it. It looks a LOT like him now. Suddenly, all those comments he's made about protecting Elizabeth have gotten pretty creepy.

    Seriously, Chris?

    I can't imagine why they have Sonic in a kart. He can run really, really fast.

    Shining Force? Why?

    Technically? We actually got an incomplete game!

    Somehow, I doubt it.

    And that filter is...The Banbot 5000.

    Tempting fate, Oz?

    Sega is full of idiots.

    The downside of companies being run by lawyers.

    You two sound pretty tired.

    That sounds bullshit, Chris.

    Nine hundred million dollars? Considering how large that number is, it must have really hurt when they pulled it from their ass.

    *sob* I want BFIII.

    "That annoys me"? I just pictured Chris on the side of the road with a protest sign that says "Down with this sort of thing".

    "It's only cheating if you get caught."

    Screwed over in the end? Like in the back of a Volkswagon?

    Chris, your out-of-touch voice is a guess the word is "annoying", but you don't do it often enough to really piss me off.

    For a lot of well-heeled people, that is how voting works.

    "Stripper Ripper 2012".

    I remember that story.

    Paying attention to politics is a good way to get your rage on.

    Gotta love those GOP biology lessons. @_@

    There is no God and Congress regularly proves it.

    Republican Rape Chart?

    As the All American Rejects would put it, they're "slowly failing upward".

    Christmas cards for gangsters?

    I love that.

    I would have gone with "I know when you're sleeping, I know when you're awake."

    Santa With Guns should be an indie band name.

    I'm in California. I'm engulfed in stupid.

    So, what was the caption? "Let's see how high we can get"?

    See? This is why you don't let the dealers use the product.

    It'd turn him into Towlie.

    You realize we have to join the Border Patrol now. That has to be a hilarious job.