Monday, February 4, 2013

Ozzie Rants: Microsoft

Fresh off failing to install Windows 7, Ozzie lets off some steam in regards to Microsoft.

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  1. RIP Capture Card.

    They named a capture card "The Cat"?

    Windows 7 is bad voodoo.

    I've had installs freeze every time. It was adobe in my case. The update sitting at the bottom of my screen was driving me up the wall.

    Microsoft is losing money on what? Hookers and blow?

    I wonder if they call it a dashboard because you feel like dashing it against something.


    $40,000 to patch a game? That's more than I make in a year.

    By "people" do you mean me?

    They know we're stupid, Oz.

    PC gamers won't pay subscription fees? How many MMOs can I point to to refute that statement?

    No more Oz in June? Must start a Live Kickstarter.

    The ad froze the system? How old is your Xbox?