Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Nerds Podcast: PS4 Announcement

Ozzie and Chris discuss the PS4 because... why not?

MP3 version available at...

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  1. I think I'm just going to start with the MP3 since I had such bad luck last time.

    Time for something completely different, Oz?

    He ran into Pitchfords and Torches?

    Fly, rumor, fly!

    Someone play the Million Dollar Man entry music.

    Reputable name? Sega? Aliens? You're kidding, right?

    Unethical...immoral...that's the game industry.

    Somehow, I doubt it.

    Must we keep with the turd comments?

    Again, Chris?


    The multiplayer was fun, at least.

    Dammit, Chris.

    Not right away? It sounds like they're just selling the games again.

    Yeah, the digital service shouldn't make you re-buy them.

    I remember when Mike Fahey went "The cloud! (waves fingers)" at me.

    The controller looks like typical Sony BS.

    Sony is a viscous font of evil when it comes to hardware.

    Goddamn the PSP - I'm still pissed I got locked out of mine.

    Well, there are enhanced version of games like Persona 4.

    The Vita can suck up money like Hoover Vacuum.

    Take Control?

    Oh, that. That's just nonsense.

    Square Enix...a once great company.

    Pidgin English, Chris? Seriously?

    Where could they go with the story for Versus XIII? The storyline of XIII went off the rails.

    There it is again.

    Deep Down?

    Sure it did. You can just use another character.

    I haven't payed too much attention to Destiny.

    Sony is holding our families hostage, so .... we love the Sony Move!

    Ah, racing games. -_- How boring.

    If you're a car nut, you want all those details on the cars.

    Weird. The counter on the MP3 stopped moving, but I can still hear the audio and pause/start it just fine.

    I'm certainly not buying a PS4 right away...if at all.

    It was the same with the Wii - the low price point drove its sales.

    What was in that Jimquisition episode? Boycotts may lose, but whining wins?

    I'm really not fond of Chris when he makes voices. @_@

    >P For the record, I find references to The Room annoying because they're done TO DEATH, not because I don't like the Nostalgia Critic.

    Get a room, you two.