Friday, March 22, 2013

Two Nerds Podcast: F'ing News Episode 3

Ozzie and Chris discuss random news including the Sim City insanity.

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  1. Greetings.

    Not feeling well, Chris?

    Ah, Evil Acquisitions...

    Something wrong with your mic, Chris? o.O

    Ah, Sim City's DRM crap. I loved it when hackers found out you could just turn the damn thing off.

    Chris, the Console Nerd.

    Jim is correct and Ozzie is even more correct.

    Goddamn EA.

    That's true, Chris. The principle in question is First Sale Doctrine. The Wikipedia entry is really good to reference for these types of conversations:

    And now you're doing the voices again. Le sigh.

    You mean that great pirate image showing the various hassles legit users go through versus the one step someone goes through to watch the Matrix if they pirated it.

    A month? The PSP firmware used to get hacked in a DAY.

    HA! I remember the hackers modding the game to improve the graphics! That was fantastic!

    EA was building up good faith? Not after their Bioware franchises went down the tubes.

    Oh, Rock Band. Yeah, that was smart of them. Definitely made people more willing to purchase their games and DLC. Why can't they make more business decisions like that?

    Arguable?! >.<

    EA was voted most evil company in the world twice in a row.

    Maybe the shareholders put a chip in Kotick's head. Limits half his goddamn vocabulary.

    Pitchford isn't evil. He's just stupid. That clip of Ashly Burch punching him in the nuts never gets old.

    Really? This conversation is extra-funny since the Xbox One reveal. =)

    Origin is a piece of RAM-sucking crap.

    EA is going to go for a third year, I'm sure.

    Predicting EA's demise is premature. Especially since they have some stellar franchises that people will buy no matter what. Like Battlefield.

    There's always talks of movies of games that go nowhere: like Halo.

    PG-13 Bioshock? Oh, dear god no.

    Taking the squid monster out of Watchmen was a big mistake.

    Some butchered movies weren't bad. I liked Doom.

    Ah, Resident Evil. -_- Couldn't take it after the first one.

    Yeah, can't fault Levine for that.

    Good video game movies? Hm...the first Mortal Kombat wasn't bad. It's been awhile since I've seen it, but I thought the first Tomb Raider was okay.

    Sexism in games. Great. 'cause I wanted to think about that tonight.

    Oh, not her again. @_@

    Time to roll on the random table.

    o.O Shot up random trucks?

    Wow. That's f'ing evil.

    Yeah, at the very least!

    A photo op?! Geez!

    And the only reason we have gratuity is because restaurants are exempt from minimum wage laws. It's completely nonsense.

    Military "Justice". Ugh.

    Chris busting out the alliteration.

    How late are you recording this?

    God, Republicans are idiots.

    His small penis did affect his future prospects if his mother just murdered him over it. @_@

    They walked out over their own player scoring. Ugh.

    Yeah, I think there's a consensus over them being racist.

    Huh. The podcast timer froze again, but the audio's still going.