Saturday, April 20, 2013

F'ing News Episode 4: PETArded

Ozzie and Chris discuss some bits of news before concluding with some talk of PETA.
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  1. This one's shorter by 10 minutes, eh?

    Yes, this is episode 4.

    Is there an english translation for that, Chris?

    It's weird hearing these bits of "news" since I'm in the future and know what's going on already. I've come back to warn you about a robot apocalypse, by the way. Well, when you're done with this.

    Vacuum cleaners will always work regardless of firmware updates or newer TV generations. You don't buy software for them, either. Though I would pay for Smash Roomba Bros.

    The US' internet infrastructure is terrible beyond words.

    The guy who sparred with the internet...and lost.

    Peter Moore commented on that? o.O I'd have ignored it completely.

    And now we're talking wrestling?

    That'd make for a great Youtube video - take the latest WWE and show a montage clip of Cena lose to every other wrestler in the game.

    He's no Hulk Hogan.

    Chris: File not found!

    The meat of the podcast?

    I've heard of people hacking road signs and warning people about zombies before.

    You may want to update Chris' link on the site.

    Oh yeah, the state religion.

    How do people who know nothing about government get into power? Oh right, the spite of their constituents.

    Insane Troll Logic.

    There's nothing PETA does anymore that isn't stupid.

    It's not much of a secret. PETA abusing animals is welllllll known.

    Are you swapping out a cassette?

    PETA is a death cult. Huffington Post Canada has this guy who's been writing about them for awhile.

    Ah ha...the counter on the mp3 player stops at 23:17 on all these.

    People are pretty damn stupid.

    I remember the Penn and Teller episode on PETA.

    I usually have some harsh words for all those celebrities who get naked for PETA ads. They're just looking for an excuse to get naked in public while pretending they have too much dignity for Playboy.

    Jennifer Lawrence did the "f' PETA" comment, too. It was great.

    I'm sure there's some animal cruelty thing they could be hit with.

    Launch them into the sun, Simpsons style.