Saturday, June 1, 2013

F'ing News Episode 5: The EA be With You!

Ozzie and Chris talk about multiple news stories including corporate shenanigans involving EA, Warner Brothers, and Abercrombie.

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  1. Greetings.

    Evil Acquisitions, back in the news.

    EA Star Wars. We might get Battlefront, but at what cost?

    Don't boycott. Whine. Tell 'em, Jim.

    In other words: "Oooh, shiny".

    Star Wars Football? Oh lord.

    Battlefront 2!

    Lego Star Wars wasn't bad.

    Force Unleashed was stupid. I could tell that from the demo.

    Ha! Called it!

    Whatever they make, it can't be worse than Kinect Star Wars.

    Star Wars in the style of Assassin's Creed? Might not be bad.

    Boba Vhett Star Wars game! HA!!!

    They always cancel Battlefront 3. THEY ALWAYS CANCEL BATTLEFRONT 3! ARGH!!!

    Dead Space has been dead to me since Dead Space 2.

    Nice to dismiss everyone's opinion, Chris.

    Well, they are making a Young Justice game.

    God, I loved Eternal Darkness.

    Can they even do that?

    Well, Eternal Darkness has a place in a lot of gamers' hearts.

    Twin Snakes was good because the game was made already. They just dropped it into the Metal Gear Solid 2 engine.

    Pitchfords and torches.

    Who does he think he is? A reviewer? =P

    Oh, I've heard of this.

    The meme creators actually had a point when they said, "If you used any of their trademarks, do you think you wouldn't be sued over it?"

    Find a lawyer that works on commission.

    Seriously? Wow. That's cold.

    The knee-jerk reactions of corporate defenders fills me with rage.

    Yeah, you were telling me about this earlier.

    The reason Hulu works is because companies band together and don't act like selfish pricks.

    Beam Dog?

    The Cthulhu Corporation thanks you for your patronage.

    They don't learn. It'll never happen. It's typical corporate thinking - we have to stick with a decision because showing weakness will ruin us.

    Ah, Good Old Games. =) I buy some stuff from them.

    Beam Dog??

    Technology marches on. Business refuses to.

    I make that argument all the time.

    Faceless corporations. Exactly.

    The horror.

    Well, we need to keep that summer home in the Bahamas.

    I could be stupid with that money. Give it to me and I'll spend it for you. Hope you like action figures and DVDs of 80's cartoons.

    Can you imagine if they brought back Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? FOX would be screaming it promotes class warfare.

    Aberzombie, eh?

    Somebody needs a punch in the face.

    Revenge of the Nerds! Ah, great pop culture reference.

    So, he looks like Jake Busey?

    Go get 'em, Chris!

    Man, that's just insane.

    Well, guess I wont be traveling to Bangladesh...ever.

    What's the joke? Ah, yes. Blasphemy is a victimless crime.

    I remember that Newgrounds video where Osama Bin Laden was rejected from the Legion of Doom for being too crazy. They sent him to Cobra...where Cobra Commander shot him in the head.