Saturday, June 1, 2013

F'ing News Episode 6: X-Box What?

Ozzie and Chris discuss the X-Box One announcement in addition to a few other news bits.

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  1. Greetings.

    I would hope the Xbox reveal podcast would mostly be about video games.

    Problem with the mic, Chris?

    Yeah, I wouldn't imagine Let's Play's are covered by Fair Use.

    Copyright law does need fixing, but can you imagine it being fixed with corporations as powerful as they are?

    I have to hope some of them think Let's Play's are free advertisement.

    In other words, what FOX does with Simpsons characters.


    XXX Disney Princesses? Oh, the jokes to be made...

    Yeah, about that. If they blocked people who used adblock, it would probably drive everyone who uses adblock away instead of make them turn it off. Blip's trying to go as far as they can without losing their user base.

    Ah, that was the comment you were warning me about. You think Chris' retort is what I'd be upset about? Making it sound like I was throwing a "that'll show 'em" tantrum instead of the "What are you gonna do?" way I actually said it is worse. =P Still, glad you warned me.

    Ah, not those two again. I barely know who they are and I'm already sick of them.

    The Xbox One reveal. -_- That was amazing for its badness.

    At least we got to see the damn thing instead of Sony's Mystery Reveal.

    I was on Kotaku all day when that happened. The comments were just brutal.

    I don't want an all-in-one entertainment center. I want a console that plays GAMES.

    Partnering up with EA? Why is "Running with the Devil" playing in my head?

    Weaksauce vs Watered-Down Weaksauce.

    I love the Halo games.

    Oh man. E3. That's going to be something.

    That was insane! Microsoft employees were all over the map on what the console actually does.

    Oh please let them change their minds.

    One class action lawsuit will shut that whole used game thing down. First-Sale Doctrine and all.

    It sounds like the whole thing about a used game fee is so they can install the game and play it without needing the disc in the system - in which case I'd rather keep the disc in the system so I don't have to pay any f'ing fee. And this is coming from someone who plays new games exclusively!

    And when the verification servers eventually go down, you can't use ANYTHING on your Xbox One anymore. Ever!

    The hard drive is also non-removable. Which is crazy.

    Let's not take console lessons from Nintendo. -_-

    He's not wrong. You fill your HD on the Xbox pretty damn fast; especially with movies, games, etc etc.

    That's assuming you can use any external HD instead of Microsoft ones, Oz.

    You know, people can be mad about something for reasons that aren't hyperbolic and custom-made for you to mock them.

    The Kinect is one of the flimsier peripherals made by Microsoft. The Kinect has to be functioning in order to use your Xbox. Should the Kinect stop functioning for any reason, your entire box shuts down. Is that a good enough reason for you, Chris?

    (sigh) Not my favorite podcast. It sounds like you guys just pick the trolliest comments you can find so you can mock people.

    Not playing older games is one thing. I'd have been fine if it were just that. But it's not just that, is it? Not playing the digital content you purchased on the older system is unacceptable. The day the 360 servers go down, I've lost hundreds of dollars of content that by all reason I should own. By pushing digital content this gen as hard as they did, Microsoft backed themselves into a corner. Take something from me I legally purchased and I'm done with you.

    Since it's this close to the system's launch, the odds that it'll undergo major revisions are slim.

    That was something mentioned on Kotaku. Somebody said that the day of the Xbox reveal, Sony's stock price jumped 5 points. Nintendo's jumped 1.

    Again with the pidgin english. -_-

    The reaction to the first Wii wasn't that great.