Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ozzie Rants: X-Box One - Digital Only?

Now this rant is going on the basis that something we've heard is true. We've heard that X-Box One games would require a fee to activate if you weren't the one who originally bought the disc. The fee has ranged from the full price of the game to simply being so high that buying used would make the game cost more then it would new. Microsoft has claimed this information was inaccurate and incomplete even though it came from the mouths of their own representatives.

Me personally I think it's probably going to turn out to be true, but Microsoft just realized they did a terrible job of spinning it in a way that makes it sound good. Much like EA is continuing to pretend that Sim City does not have always online DRM by simply claiming it is an MMO, I believe Microsoft is looking for the perfect way to spin their anti-used game movement to sound more appealing by calling it something else. Because as we all know, corporations think we're all a bunch of idiots who won't know the truth as long as they lie to us.

Maybe Microsoft will prove me wrong but that's a discussion for another day. If things continue forward as they are right now, this will make the X-Box One the first major digital only gaming console. Now you may be saying "But Ozzie, it has game discs. How can it be digital only?".

Well that's simple my friend, just like EA continues to pretend that Sim City does not have online DRM, Microsoft is saying the system won't be digital only by letting you buy the digital only copies in stores.

As it stands the disc itself isn't really a game disc, it's an alternate delivery option instead of downloading it from their servers, you're downloading it from the disc. You have to install it and beyond that the disc is useless because unless you have an unused activation code or pay the fee, it doesn't care that you have the disc.

Like building a physical game collection? Too bad cause it's all a lie. And considering Microsoft has shown they don't care about backwards compatibility, then what happens when the "X-Box One 2" comes out however many years down the road? I'm sure they'll support the system for awhile after it's successor comes out but what happens the day the servers lights go out? Your games are gone cause you can no longer phone home.

Unless something drastically changes, do yourself and ever other consumer a favor. Say no to bullshit.

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