Friday, April 25, 2014

Backlogged Impressions: Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

Ozzie does a first impressions video where he takes a look at Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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  1. Coming off viewing Spoony's video, I'm interested in your take. As in you'll have a take as opposed to his whining.

    You have a soulpatch?

    World - Diabolus. Cute.

    Lord of the Rings Online probably has the midget people, too.

    They were probably copying the bunny people from Tactics Advance.

    Yeah. Preset things work a lot better. I hate sliders. Especially in wrestling games.

    And you're already better at this than Spoony.

    I have an anime for you to check out as long as we're here - Yes, it's free to watch.

    Fate Joined? Isn't that a contradiction?

    Are you just shoving a sword up that thing's ass? Oh, that's its face.

    No loot?

    You got a Conan achievement.

    You'll want to avoid the new one by Garriott. He's going to make it so you can't just check a journal. You forget, you can't finish. Which is ridiculous. There's a reason nobody does it that way anymore. Nostalgia only goes so far.


    Huzzah! Separate inventories! Very useful.

    I loved the class system in Matrix Online. You were every class. At once. Just head over and reclass at any time.

    Did you just join fate again? Fate needs to give it a rest.

    The rocks are firing artillery.

    He practically said "Enchantment".

    You should have headed on over to the chicken shack and gotten a ride.

    I love how the other Goblin Muggers just can't be bothered while you're thrashing their teammate.

    The game DOES look nice.