Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ozzie Rants: Blip Purge 2014

I laughed in the face of the notice that I was on the chopping block, but this is pretty big with a lot of my friends so why not talk about the morons running this thing.

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  1. Does wearing the hat lower the volume? 'cause the volume's lowered.

    Revenue tracking was broken?

    $25+ to get paid? Reminds me of CafePress back in the day.

    Thirty dollars! To the Sizzler!

    Blip Purge!

    There's a similar problem over at Huffington Post. They're going to a full facebook comments section which is driving away their longtime commenters.

    Oh lord. The Mouse.

    Cut a bunch of people. I'm picturing a switchblade fight.

    More room online than on TV?

    A lot of sites committing suicide for some reason.