Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ozzie Rants: DVD/Blu Ray Cases

Ozzie Rants returns because Ozzie has a beef with DVD cases he just needs to get off his chest. Why do they do this shit?

1 comment:

  1. Because they're villains?

    DVD cases suck. -_-

    Konata rocks. =)

    STACKED DISCS!!! I hate the holy hell out of that.

    O.O Look at that? Six discs in one case? How cheap can they be?

    Plus the layering risks scratching the discs. Collector Rage.

    Why is the cam shaking so much?

    CD sleeves? Oh my god. -_-

    I've seen CD sleeves that don't scratch 'em, but only from one place. Promo Only - a company that produces CDs for DJs.

    Ugh. Sliding discs out. I have an album from Bullet for my Valentine that does that. Scratches the disc up like mad.

    Ah, individual disc cases. Nice.

    Each disc gets a thing. Nice.

    Man, it's weird seeing your computer screen reflected in your glasses and the headband when you lean forward.