Thursday, June 5, 2014

Backlogged Gaming: Top 10 Obscure BGMs

Ozzie shares a list of his favorite video game BGMs from lesser known/less played games.

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  1. AH! HAT!

    Top 10 obscure BGMs in 11 and a half minutes? Not much time to hear the music, is it?

    Lost Odyssey is obscure?

    Did you butch that name?

    It does?! This doesn't sound much like SNES FFs.

    That's a depressing backstory.

    This one starts like a funeral dirge.

    Trapped in the sewers? Oh lord... How many RPGs do that?

    Okay, I can hear the western, but the samurai? No.

    In other words, it's Super Robot Wars Masou Kishin.

    Not another dungeon!

    It's because you've heard it so often for so long.

    Star Ocean 2 is obscure?! In what world?

    Ah, Valkyrie Profile. I had that game.

    Wizards and Warriors. Classic.

    That's not ironic. It's just coincidental.

    King Chicken rises.

    Phlan? Who names their city Phlan?

    Isn't that what they do?

    It is kind of catchy.

    I still have to play this.

    It sounds like something you'd hear in an old European village.