Saturday, June 28, 2014

Left 4 Mod 2: Dead Center

Ozzie, Test Zero, and Crew play Left 4 Dead 2 Dead Center with mods on. We had a bit of a train wreck near the end of the campaign so that's part of why the video is so long.

Mods in use...
Jill Valentine (Umbrella Chronicles) replacement for Rochelle

Deadpool replacement for Nick

Duke Nukem as Coach

Duke Nukem voice mod

Team Fortress 2 Red Scout Ellis

Scout Voice Packs

BONK Red Bat

Fallout's N99 10MM Pistols

Lollipop Chainsaw... Chainsaw

M4A1 Pulse Rifle

Glowing Purple Katana

Mark IV Style (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon music)

1 comment:

  1. I can't even imagine what Ojunix is supposed to mean.

    You don't have the crazy to be Deadpool. =P

    Not a flu. No kidding.

    This is either a zombie apocalypse or the best rock concert ever.

    Jill is pounced pretty quick.

    Not that interesting.

    Confused? How many times have you played this game?

    We could see you playing on Easy in the opening.

    You just know someone's going to mod the Witch into his ex-wife.

    Why is the sword purple?

    Is the GAME family-friendly?

    Throw the bile into the fire.

    How many times are you going to shoot someone?

    Competent AI teammate? That says some scary things about you guys.

    Dueling chainsaws.

    I have that WWF Adventure RPG Spoony was talking about.

    Deadpool: Friendly fire! Less friendly than advertised!

    She'll go after someone in her path.

    How many times is Ojunix gonna get pounced?

    That everything include Ozzie. Geez.

    Versus doesn't suck. You just aren't very good.

    Boondog joke?

    Must be old style cola - with actual cocaine.

    I love how climbing things never occurs to most characters.

    Reviewers Unknown mod?

    "Look Ellis. Kiddyland."

    Deadpool: It's a circus of savings!

    Man, you shoot your teammates a lot.

    Deadpool: Ooh. A facial!

    "Drugs, man!"

    Take your drugs, Oz.

    Not the best hunter in the world.

    Dr. Feelgood.

    I liked the Versus Mode on that.

    What about ninjas? Or Pirates? Or Yetis?

    So they just have gas cans conveniently throughout the mall showroom?

    They can destroy the canisters? Since when?

    Deadpool (singsong): Don't whiz on the electric fence!

    Losing on Easy... Don't play with the tank, for crying out loud!

    You guys suck. >P

    Forget about that. How about a Peabody and Mr. Sherman mod?

    Come on, Oz. How do you look at the hunter and not see rapist hoodie?

    This conversation is getting weird.

    Enemy spawn isn't about cans, I don't think. It's about time.

    The survivors can destroy gas cans.

    -_- This is painful to watch.

    Round 3.

    Why are you using a health kit when you're still in the green?

    Just get any cans available and put them in. Taking your time is contributing to you guys getting hordes.

    Your LA privileges have been revoked.

    Splitting up a lot is also a problem. o.o

    The gas can thing has appeared in the first game, if you recall.

    "I'm going to the wrong ladder." That'd be an interesting t-shirt.

    Man, everything pounces Jill.

    Well, technically 8 people died.

    God, you guys are friendly fire machines.