Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ozzie Rants: ADblock

Craigheadpro had some interesting things to say on the subject but I decide to add my two cents in.

Craigheadpro's videos on the subject

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  1. Psylocke's a bit of a blaster, huh.

    Is the iron hot? Does it have a sister?

    You're metaphoring like crazy.

    Just enough money for beer and pretzels.

    It's an exaggeration, yes.

    God, Psylocke is a murder machine.

    Oz, trolls are trolls. Don't act like they have a valid point of view.

    That's a bad comparison. Employer not paying you is not the same thing because you did work for X money. That's a contract violation.

    I have to wonder if you're being honest when you say you don't care. You've made quite a few troll-response videos and it really sounds like it's getting under your skin.